I Never Imagined

Lesley Diggory is a pureblood witch. When she goes to Hogwarts, there are things that she doesn't expect.


18. Chapter 18

After the Slughorn's dinner, he invited us to his Christmas Party.

The day of the Christmas party, I invited Seamus as a friend. He told me he would meet me there. I had a short sleeve dress, but I had long gloves to not show my cuts.

I found Luna and Harry in a corridor near the party.

"Harry, Luna." I called out to them.

"Lesley." They both said.

"Did you invite anyone?" Harry asked.

"Well I invited Seamus, but as a friend." I said.

"I thought you would invite Draco." Luna blurted out. I thought I would strangle her, but I calmed myself down.

"Draco? Why would she invite Malfoy?" Harry asked confused.

"Because Lesley and Draco are dating." Luna explained.

"Were." I said.

"You two broke up?" Luna asked.

I nodded.

"I'm sorry." Harry said.

"Don't be." I said trying not to cry."I should've broken up with him a lot sooner."

"Shall we go to the party?" Luna asked.

"Yeah let's go." Harry said. We all walked to the party and I found Seamus.

Seamus and I chatted for a while.

Mr. Filch came in with Draco.

"He was caught wandering around the corridors. He claims to be invited." Mr. Filch explained.

"Okay I was crashing the party." Draco explained.

Snape then took him out of the party. After the party, I went to the bathroom. I had brought the knife with me and I continued to cut myself. I cleaned the blade and I hid it in the bathroom.

I was going to spend Christmas with the Weasleys.

Harry discussed with Lupin that Draco was a death eater and that he was on a mission.

After Lupin and Tonks had left, I went to my room and Felina followed. There I opened my locket and looked at the picture. How I miss you Cedric. I put the locket back around my neck.

I should go to bed, I got in the bed and sleep came over me.

. . .

I heard noises and I woke up, Felina was no longer here. I decided to go downstairs and there was fire. I screamed. I ran back and fell. The fire burned my arms. I got up and grabbed my wand.

"Aguamenti!" I said and water came out. I was able to go downstairs. I saw Felina trapped in the kitchen underneath the table.

"Aguamenti." I said and the fire above the table was put out.

"Felina come here." I said. She looked scared. I saw fire was coming from behind her. I grabbed her and as I did, the fire burnt my arms once again but I sucked it up.

With Felina in my arms, I ran out of the Burrow. Fred ran to me.

"Lesley, are you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said putting Felina down. I felt like I was going to pass out.

"Lesley," Mrs. Weasley said,"you don't look well."

"I'm fine." I said stubbornly. At that moment I was about to fall, when a pair of strong arms broke my fall. I look up to see a worried looking Fred.

Then everything around me went black.

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