Next Part of Life

Riley is no longer Riley Wellington, she's Riley Holmes. She has friends and her father is back, but life seems to be somewhat like a roller coaster.

She's growing up and Sherlock's afraid of losing her again. It gets even worse for him when Riley meets Jesse, a teenaged boy who may like her. As her dad tries teaching her how to use knowledge his way, Riley could feel his impatience stick to him. While that happens, Ella claims to see someone at the bookstore she works at. A family members who Sherlock knows and hates.

But a new case comes and haunts everyone, even previous enemies. Especially when someone dead visits Sherlock in his dreams. But the case is doing everything it can to destroy the newfound father-daughter relationship. And show Riley how to define sacrifice.


2. The Great Cigarette Chase

"Riley! Riley!" Ella shouted as she entered the flat the morning after her last deduction class.

"What? Ella, I'm busy." Riley answered.

Though she was kind of busy; she was in the middle of "Insurgent". The "Hunger Games" trilogy was on the read that she nicknamed "The Books I Read and I Might Read Again". She looked up at Ella, who was standing in the doorway. Her dad was getting back from outside because he had to talk to John for a while.

"What is it?" She asked.

"You might need to listen to me." Ella answered. "Remember that time when your dad had to talk to you about the people that if you see, you should tell him?"

Riley sighed and nodded. She remembered having to look at many files of enemies (not counting Mycroft) and remembered their names and faces.


"At the bookstore, during one of those hours where nothing happens, I saw someone."

"And I see people at the library." Riley answered. "Get to your point."

"It looked like one of them." Ella replied. Chills ran up her spine when she heard it.


Ella was about to answer when they heard Sherlock close the 221b door. Riley may not know all the deductions, but the footsteps told her dad was craving a cigarette. Thankfully for wearing sandals, she took them off and quietly ran to his flat (also thanking Mrs. Hudson for stalling Sherlock).

She got to the place where she hid the cigarettes and stowed them into her back pocket. Since her dad wanted her to take a look over his music, she grabbed the stack and sat down in her chair - once John's place - and pretended to be in the middle of the stack when he rushed in. He immediately started rummaging through the papers and books to find it. As he dove past her to try and find it, Riley got up and put the stack down.

"Okay, dad," She said. "I took a look at it. It's all good. I'm going back to my room and read."

"What's in your back pocket?" She froze a little way from the doorframe when she turned to see Sherlock stand up and look at her.

"My phone." She answered. She had to hold onto it ever since she got kidnapped. They had found it unharmed, but wet on some parts.

"It can't be. Unlike most girls, you have your phone in your front pocket. So what is in your back pocket?"

"My phone. Ella told me to try putting it in the back pocket. It's not cool, so I'm about to tell her I'll start putting it back in my front pocket."

"Then show me."

Riley got more nervous as she put her fingers around the top of the cigarettes. She had her sandals on, thinking of an escape plan; only problem was that Sherlock was not like the other ignorant fathers. As she started to slowly pull it out, the second door beside him opened. He sifted his gaze to it and Riley took her chance.

She raced down the stairs and out the door, hearing her dad behind her. She ran against the crowds as she opened the cigarettes, having a plan ready. After about three blocks and a crosswalk, she stopped and threw the cigarettes into a dumpster and the box into a trash can. With her adrenaline rushing, she decided to walk back and was ready for her dad to find her. He did and, while she stood there smirking, he looked at her pockets to find them empty.

"Oh, so those were the cigarettes." Her dad said, scowling. "Where are they?"

"I'll tell you where the cold turkey is, but not the cigarettes." Riley answered, making her dad scowl even more.

"Come on." He said, his emotionless face clearing the scowl, and started towards home. And Riley, feeling like skipping home, smiled.

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