Next Part of Life

Riley is no longer Riley Wellington, she's Riley Holmes. She has friends and her father is back, but life seems to be somewhat like a roller coaster.

She's growing up and Sherlock's afraid of losing her again. It gets even worse for him when Riley meets Jesse, a teenaged boy who may like her. As her dad tries teaching her how to use knowledge his way, Riley could feel his impatience stick to him. While that happens, Ella claims to see someone at the bookstore she works at. A family members who Sherlock knows and hates.

But a new case comes and haunts everyone, even previous enemies. Especially when someone dead visits Sherlock in his dreams. But the case is doing everything it can to destroy the newfound father-daughter relationship. And show Riley how to define sacrifice.


1. It's Not Easy Being a Holmes

“You took a glance at your right hand, dad. That means you are bored from no cases."

Sherlock shook his head. Riley sighed and leaned back into her seat. It was a month since Riley became a Holmes and her grandparents were charged with document withholding while Dominic for murder. She was glad to have him back but there were some things that weren't great since the day her dad took legal charge of her. One of the major reasons was Mycroft. It turns out that her mother conceiving her was secret and the fact of, well everything, angered him. She remembered one time he fought with her dad.

Mycroft: “Sherlock, for the crying out loud, are you telling me you had her out of wedlock?!"

Sherlock: “Well, yes, but it was better than an earlier start on my past cocaine addiction." (Riley was fully aware of that part, though she was disappointed in him.)

Mycroft: “I won't be surprised if she gets AIDS later on in her life. Who knows if you were smart to know that at the time."

Sherlock: “Actually, we both had a blood test before it happened. She's going to be fine."

Mycroft: “Sherlock, what will our parents think of this?"

Sherlock: "You kidding me? They've been asking for a grandchild since we both left the house."

Mycroft: "Okay that's sort of true, but-"

Sherlock: "Riley, can you make you Mycroft finds his way out of the flat." 

Another reason was that Sherlock was keeping a close eye on her. Since her uncle maintains the security cameras, her dad has asked him to monitor Riley. Ella told her once that she doesn't need a bodyguard as long as there were security cameras. The last reason was what her dad was trying to do with her; learn the skill of deduction and the skill of a mind palace. Riley tried the mind palace but something will always happen instead of facts running around in her mind. As for deductions, she was still struggling with people and the motions they made.

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Riley tried to look closely at him.

"Impatient?" She asked and her dad nodded his head. Riley sighed as well.

Even though her mom loved her dad, she didn't know why or how.

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