This Unexpected Feeling

Ciel's feelings for Sebastian are known to no one but him. It's only a matter of time before his soul is taken, so he figures that it's about time he made his feelings known. But, will Sebby's reaction be a plot twist that changes Ciel's fate entirely? Find out in this sexy, thrilling Sebastian x Ciel fanfic!


4. It's all about love

Sebastian's POV

"I love you too."

Those words just slipped out of my mouth and I couldn't do anything about it now. I had just told my master that I loved him, why am I so stupid.

"You love me Sebby?" I heard Ciel say.

"Yes my lord I do," I answered.

"Sebastian, can I ask you for a favor?" Ciel asked.

"Anything my lord," I answered obediently. 

"Kiss me."

Before I knew what I was doing, I leaned over him and pressed my lips lightly against his. I was about to pull away when he started to tangle his fingers in my hair. I had never been touched this way, and I never would have imagined being touched this way by a 13 year old. He was kissing me back fiercely, and I have to admit I was getting turned on. I quickly pulled away, and he looked at me with confusion in his eyes and I blushed deeply.

I have never blushed like this ever!  I thought to myself.

I cleared my throat and said, "It is getting late my lord, I think you should go to bed."

"Right yes I think I will," he said. 

He turned around and walked into his room.

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