This Unexpected Feeling

Ciel's feelings for Sebastian are known to no one but him. It's only a matter of time before his soul is taken, so he figures that it's about time he made his feelings known. But, will Sebby's reaction be a plot twist that changes Ciel's fate entirely? Find out in this sexy, thrilling Sebastian x Ciel fanfic!


3. I...I!

Ciel's POV

"I... um... l-l...," I cut off.

"You what my lord....?"

I gathered all of my confidence and said the three words I had wanted to say since I made the contract, "I"

Damn that wasn't suppose to be a question, I thought to myself.

Sebastian raised a perfect eyebrow, "You...what?"

"I love you," I said forcefully.

I stared right into his red perfect eyes and waited for his reaction. His gaze left mine and he started to figit, I had never seen him figit before but like everything he does it was sexy.

Why can't he answer me dammit!

"My lord?" he said interrupting my thoughts.

"Yes Sebby," I said slightly annoyed

"I love you too."



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