This Unexpected Feeling

Ciel's feelings for Sebastian are known to no one but him. It's only a matter of time before his soul is taken, so he figures that it's about time he made his feelings known. But, will Sebby's reaction be a plot twist that changes Ciel's fate entirely? Find out in this sexy, thrilling Sebastian x Ciel fanfic!


9. Caught

Mae-rin's POV

I stood outside Master's door listening to the odd sounds. Sebastian, that sexy beast was in there. I pressed my ear against the door again I could hear nothing, I creaked the door open enough to peek through the opening. I gasped at what I saw, MASTER AND SEBASTIAN IN BED TOGETHER?! I quickly closed the door and slid down my back against the door. I put my face in my hands and tried to erase the memory from my brain. I only looked up when I heard whistling, I saw it was Finny he couldn't see what was behind the door he was to innocent! 

"Mae-rin what are you doing sitting outside Master's bedroom?" Finny asked me with confusion written all over his face.

"Oh n-nothing j-just sitting," I lied.

"But it looks like you've seen a ghost you're so pale!" He said.

"I'm fine Finny, just go make sure Grell is behaving, " I said shooing him off.

"Alright," he says a bit hurt.

I hated when he was hurt, he reminded me of a puppy. I watched him walk away. I got up and started to walk the other direction. 

What is happening in this world  I thought to myself.



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