This Unexpected Feeling

Ciel's feelings for Sebastian are known to no one but him. It's only a matter of time before his soul is taken, so he figures that it's about time he made his feelings known. But, will Sebby's reaction be a plot twist that changes Ciel's fate entirely? Find out in this sexy, thrilling Sebastian x Ciel fanfic!


5. Awkward....

Ciel's POV

I turned around and walked into my room.


I smiled at my thought and suddenly felt drowsy, I yawned and started towards my bed, I climbed between my sheets and pulled my blanket over my body, and within five minutes I was in a deep slumber.

*Next Morning*

I awoke to a knock on my door and May-rin's voice. 

"Master, breakfast is ready," May-rin said.

I grumbled and sat up in my bed, "Alright what is on the menu."

"Umm," she said, "scones and tea."

"Scones and tea? SCONES AND TEA?!" I said. I wanted something different for a change, but I guess it will have to do.

"Y-yes sir, is that alright?"

"It's fine," I moaned. 

"Alright," she said and turned to walk out the door.

"Wait May-rin! Where is Sebastian?!" I asked with a bit too much of enthusiasm. 

"Umm," she said confused "he is in the kitchen, do you want him?"

"In more ways then you know," I said under my breath.

"What my lord?" she asked. 

"Nothing, just tell him to get his sexy ass in hear," I said.


She turned around and left my room. Once she was gone I laid back and rested my head on my pillow. I wonder if he is feeling the same way I am, I thought to myself. My thoughts were then interupted by a soft knock on the door. I sat up quickly and said "Come in!"

"You wanted to see me my lord," Sebastian said.

"Yes I did," I answered, I looked up and looked him in his perfect deep red eyes.

He stared back into my eyes, but then quickly looked away.

"You don't have to be ashamed of what we did last night," I told Sebastian.

He looked at me with a tad bit of anger in his eyes that were normally soft for a demon, "You think I am ashamed of a kiss? Why in the world would you think that? Last night was one of the best nights of my life, and believe me my life has not been short," he said.

"Well then why can't you even look me in the eye?!," I asked, my temper quickly rising. 

"Because I am scared if I take this any further, that one of us may end up hurt," he said in a gentle tone. 

"Well I don't care," I said and then violently crashed my lips on his.


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