This Unexpected Feeling

Ciel's feelings for Sebastian are known to no one but him. It's only a matter of time before his soul is taken, so he figures that it's about time he made his feelings known. But, will Sebby's reaction be a plot twist that changes Ciel's fate entirely? Find out in this sexy, thrilling Sebastian x Ciel fanfic!


7. Aftermath

Sebastian's POV

"Well I don't care." I heard Ciel say. I was about to say something but I was interupted with Ciel's eager lips crashing on mine. I stood there shocked, but then my lips started to synchronize with his. His tongue flicked over my bottem lip asking for entrance which I didn't grant him instead I pushed him away. 

"We can't do this," I said panting. 

"Why not? We both know what we feel for each other, so why the hell not?" he said rather angerly.

"Because I am much to old for you, plus I am a demon," I said.

"What did I say earlier, I don't care!" he said.

I sighed because I really didn't care either, I love him he loves me we are happier together.

"Fine, my lord."

"Really!" he said.

"Yes," I whispered. 

I sat down on his bed and he crawled in besides me. He stroked my cheek pulling my hair out of my eyes, he stared deep into my eyes and I started to melt into his. I put my hand on his cheek and pulled him closer to me, when our lips were an inch apart I stopped. 

"Are you sure?," I asked.

"Very," he mumbled.

I pulled him close and kissed his lips tenderly, he kissed them back not as forcefully as I would have expected. I deepend the kiss and he responded nicely, not to forceful but not to light. Then I made the kiss even deeper, he flicked his tongue across my bottem lip and I gave him entrance. Our tongues tangled with each other, I finally gave up and let him explore my mouth. I started to need oxygen so we came up for air for barely a second and then got tangled again. I pushed him down so he was laying flat on his back and so I was on top of him, I strateled his hips and I took my lips off of his and started move down to his neck. I kissed his neckline, and started to suck his neck softly. I heard him moan lightly so I sucked harder in that spot. He moaned louder and I chucked. I found his lips again and started to kiss them. I sat up and looked down on him, I saw he was still wearing his nightshirt so I reached for the first button and unbuttoned it, then I reached the second and third and unbuttoned those too. Pretty soon he was completely naked amd I was still on top of him fully clothed. He slid out from under me and sat with his legs crossed. He started to kiss me and I started to take control again but he pushed me away. Ciel shook his head and I unserstood, he wanted to be in charge right now. He kissed me again and started his way down to my neck and started to suck lightly and then harder. I felt my pants getting tighter around my member so I knew soon I would need to be in him soon. I pushed him off and he gave me a confused look. 

" I need you now," I said the last word with urgency. 

He nodded and said, "Please be careful, I am a virgin."

I looked at him Of course he is a virgin, he's 13 I thought to myself. "Of course master, if it hurts tell me to stop," I said.



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