dreams gone wrong


2. chapter 2

~~We arrive 10 minutes early so Kurt takes me to meet Paul his boss, thought 1D were but oh well. “Hey Paul.”
“Hey Kurt. Who’s this? It isn’t your girlfriend is it?” Kurt laughs then says no I’m not his girlfriend.
I speak up and say “that’d just be weird”
“And whys that?”
“Cuz I’m his sister and I’m only sixteen.”
“Well it’s nice to meet you Kurts little sister.”
“I have a name.” I mutter, he heard me.
“And what is your name then?”
“My names Megan.”
“Lovely to meet you Megan.” As if on cue my stomach rumbles and Kurt laughs.
“Paul would you happen to have any food for Megan as she didn’t have any breakfast.”
“Yes but Niall has the box and I’m not sure if he would share. Why didn’t you have breakfast this morning, love?”
“Guess i was excited. I don’t really know.”
“Okay well Niall and the food is in their dressing room. The second door on the left.”
“Thanks.” I go to where he said and open the door. 10 pairs of eyes lay on me.
“Sorry are you lost?” Liam asks me
“No I’m here with my brother. He starts his new job today.” They give me a look to carry on so i do. “He’s working for Paul and i was dragged along.”
“So why you here love? I mean in this room, why aren’t you out there? Not to be rude.”
“That doesn’t make any difference.”
“What?” harry asks this time
“Saying ‘not to be rude’ it doesn’t make any difference, your still being rude.”
“Okay, so why are you here and not with your brother?”
“I came for, um, food.”
“No you’re not having any of my food.” Niall whines. Great, even he won’t let me eat anything. I feel really sick. I feel like I’m to throw up, i can feel it rising in my throat. I run to the toilet and shut the door and start puking in the toilet. I hear knocks on the door that turn into bangs and thumps. I finish puking and wipe my mouth and walk out the toilet. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine. Forget about the food I’ll just leave now.” I totally embarrassed myself. I walk out and i find Kurt and sit with him as he talks to Paul. He pulls me in and rubs my arm the way a brother does. When he finished talking he asks if i got any food and i shake my head, no. He stands up whispers something in Paul’s ear and Paul nods. He comes over to me, grabs my hand and pulls me towards the boy’s room. Not again. “Boys, I’m Kurt, and i wanna know why you didn’t give her any food?”
“Niall doesn’t share food everyone knows that.”
“What if i said she hadn’t had anything to eat today?”
“Man, i feel bad. Here i can’t eat after hearing that. Just wondering, what’s your name?”
“Nice name. Are you okay i mean you ran in the toilet and didn’t come out for way to long?”
“Thanks and I’m fine.” I need to trust them. I’ll tell them when Kurts left.
“Okay. I’m gonna leave you here now Megs. Okay?”
“okay.” Just what i needed.
“Spill.” Louis says
“Excuse me?”
“What’s up? I mean you ran in the toilet, you haven’t eaten today. Something’s up and your gonna tell us.”
“Louis don’t make her do anything.” Why is Liam defending me? I only just met them.
“It’s okay Liam. I was gonna tell you anyway.”
“You sure?” from Liam.
“Sooo...?” from Louis.
“When i went in the toilet i threw up-“ i got a lot of disgusting faces pulled at me so i stopped and started about something else, ”-yes i haven’t eaten today and i don’t know why but i think that’s why i was sick.”
“Stop talking about sick and throwing up and tell us what happened.”
“I was.” I whisper. I sit down cuz i feel really light headed, i need to eat. So pick out a Cadburys milk chocolate bar. I start nibbling on it as i know if i don’t eat i will pass out. “Are you okay?” harry asks me. Nice to know he’s there.
“perfect.” Came out way to sarcastic than i was intending.
“Alright. Geez only asking.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. Harry i swear.”
“Don’t swear.”
“Don’t swear, it’s not lady like and whatever.” Great i meet one direction for the first time in my life and i have already thrown up, nearly fainted and offended harry and I’ve only been here half an hour. They defiantly like me. Kurt walks in and says something to the boys. “Megan can i talk to you alone?” Kurt calls me over.
“Yeah, what d’you want?”
“Are the boys being nice? And do you wanna come back again this weekend which happens to be tomorrow?”
“Yes and maybe.”
“Okay. Cool” i plug in my earphones and one direction comes on, you & i, my favourite. I start smiling and eat my chocolate. The song ended and i heard the boys muttering something, so i paused the music and acted as if i was still listening to it. “She’s so cute.”, “does harry like her.”, “she’s mine, and I saw her first.” Are just some of the things i heard and i couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled out my earphones and ran up to their huddle and whispered “stop talking about me.” The just stared at me. I started blushing and said i heard some of their conversation. “Not all of it?”
“No Niall not all of it but what did hear was sorta sweet.”
“I heard harry then Louis then Niall and then i broke your conversation. Boys, just saying, there’s no need to be embarrassed about it. I love you guys, your amazing and talented. Do you see me getting embarrassed after i said that? No.” I did however see Niall blush, so i went over to him and gave him a hug, whispered in his ear, “it’s okay to show your feelings and i thank you for getting me the day off school.” He hugged me back tight. I started to let go but Niall’s little cry, “Stay with me please.” Made me stay. Zayn cleared his throat and i said to Niall that everything is okay and that he would be okay. I look behind me to Zayn and lean a little bit so he can see Niall. He shows shock and i give him a look to say ‘see’, he then points to the door and i see Kurt but also Paul. Great they saw me hug Niall. “What?”
“Megan, you know what.”
“Fine i was giving Niall a hug because he was upset and i don’t like seeing anyone upset let alone one of the boys.”
“It looked a lot more than that from here.”
“Well it’s not okay? Geez.” I think i hurt Nialls feelings but i don’t care right now because Kurt has just made me mad. I run out the room and my legs take me to where i wanna go. I end up in a room full of instruments, i see a guitar and go and pick it up. I start strumming away to the only song i know by heart. “Beautiful!” i almost jump out of my skin. It’s only Niall that’s okay then.
“Sorry i don’t follow?”
“You playing on my guitar that song was beautiful. Just like you.”
“Niall you have to stop. Kurt doesn’t want any of you liking me that way. He told me yesterday that if i came i couldn’t go causing any trouble and I’ve already done that.” I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I promised myself no matter how embarrassing something was i wouldn’t cry, crying makes things worse. Niall walks over to me and hugs me so tight i feel like i may stop breathing. “Oh Megan, don’t cry. I’ll look after you.”
“Niall you can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I already said. Kurt doesn’t want that. This is his job and i don’t want to ruin it for him.”
“For who?” and there’s Kurt.
“No one. It doesn’t matter.” I grab Niall’s hand and run away again.
“Megan, stop. Why are you always running away? Stop and talk please.”
“Niall, i don’t want to lose my brother like i lost my dad.”
“You can’t tell anyone. Kurt and our dad had a fight a massive one and now my dad is mean and horrible. He won’t let Kurt back in the house. And he’s also the reason why i was so hungry earlier. I’m used to eating whatever and whenever i want. He didn’t let me eat last night and also this morning. Niall and you said i couldn’t have any food. I think i was counting on getting here and eating so that’s why i think i threw up and then just before i picked out the chocolate, i went light headed and i needed something quick. And it was the closest thing to sugar you had. Before you ask I’m not diabetic, i just like my food and i didn’t have anything in my stomach as i was sick. Now do you understand?”
“Yes, i do completely and i won’t ever refuse you food again.” At that moment Kurt and most of security including Paul came rushing to us. “Niall?”
“Why did you run away from Kurt with Megan? You know the rules Niall.”
“Maybe just this once, the rules were worth breaking. Maybe i have more reasons than you know about to break these stupid rules. All these rules stop us from being with people we may care about. Stupid rules. Stupid! Stupid!” i have never seen him like this. I go to touch his arm to calm him down, when the next thing i know is Paul is next to me saying not to move. I start shaking and silently crying. I don’t listen to him when he says not to move because i do but towards the exit the opposite way to where he thought i would run. I hear him shout for me stop and then hear Kurt say to let me go. Thank god he knows me enough to know i like running from my problems. “MEGAN!!!” i hear Niall shout and i risk a look behind and the security are trying to restrain him from running after me. Good, i think to myself.
I run into a park and slow down to catch my breath. The park is empty except the two children and the mother by the swings. I head over there as i want to clear my mind and i used to do that on swings. As i was walking over there one of the children come running into me as he was looking behind him at the girl who was chasing him. After he fell into me, he fell over i tried catching him but missed by a milli second. I pick him up and take him to who i suspect as the mother. The boy sits on my hip staring at me and i look over at him and smile so he smiles back. “I’m so sorry. He should have been watching where he was going!”
“It’s fine really.”
“You’re not from round here are you?”
“No, I’m not.”
“Nice talking to you.”
“Bye.” Just as i get to the swings Paul and Kurt run up to me. Out of breath and looking so happy to see me but honestly i couldn’t care less. “There you are. We’ve been looking all over for you.” Kurt says as he’s reaching me.
“So you have the right to tell Niall, that it’s better if i just go but then you come looking for me. Typical.”
“Megan, Niall can’t just run around like you. He could be attacked by a fan without any security.” Paul tells me.
“Niall attacked by a fan. Okay, I’m a fan do you see me attacking him or them, no and you have the nerve to say that. I’m sorry Kurt but i should never have come I’m obviously too much trouble for you all. I try and be friendly and caring towards the boys but that’s obviously not enough.” I start walking back to the studio as it’s not that far from here.

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