Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


2. Music with mr NOPPY!

Georgina POV

Mr. Noppy? Man that is one cray-cray name! When I entered the room, I realised I knew most of the class. Yeah man! Mr. Noppy looked surprisingly like this guy I know called Snape but he was bald and had a pig nose.

"Hello class and welcome to HOGWARTS HIGH!" He announced. 

"I live for the applause, applause, applause!" Sang a crazy girl known as Bella.

"Can I sit next to my bro?" I asked him. Me and my bro, Fred were twins so naturally we were always together.

"No! I make the rules!" Screamed Mr. Noppy (the butt trumpet).

"Ugh then who am I next to?" Asked Fred.

"I don't know you overused meme!" He looked down at his register.

"I'm Fred! Fred tha one and only Weasley!" Yelled Fred.

"You're next to Umbridge!" Said Mr. Noppy.

"Zayummmmmm! Do you got a bae or nah?" Asked a blonde guy called Draco as three kids walked into the class. Harry, my brother Ron and a blonde girl.

"Which one of us, Drake?" Asked Harry.

"Draco! And I'm talking to... HERMIONE??!?!" Draco had always hated Hermione, but over the summer she had changed so much.

"Hahaha! Yeah Draco I've changed!" Hermione burst out laughing along with the rest of the class.

"I was actually talking about the blonde girl!" Draco lied.

"I have a name! And my name is Rita!" She shouted at him.

"Okay Rita! You're hot! Date me!" I had never seen Draco act like this, he was usually a cool and popular guy.

"I've got a boyfriend. Gilderoy Lockhart." She replied. Harry started to go red with anger.

"This is cray cray!" Cedric Diggory, a kind boy with brown hair exclaimed.

"That's high school for you!" Mr Noppy said.

Lily POV

Ugh this school was so weird! My cousin Harry seems like he's already found two girls. Good for him. I have these two guys after me, Sev Snape and James Johnson. James is hot, but a jerk. And Snape is ugly but friendly. 

"Aye Lilz! Doesn't mr. Noppy remind you of Snape?" Asked James.

"Zomg! Yes! I noticed that!" I said.

"I don't look like Mr. Noppy. But he's my uncle FYI." Said Snape.

"Ohhh there is a lot of resemblance tho!" I said.


Cissy POV

This school is loserville. I'm so rich so I don't see why my parents couldn't just send me to a private school. But then again I wouldn't have my boyfriend Lulu with me. My cousin Draco is so embarrassing! He just asked out my arch nemesis Rita Skeeter in front of the whole class!

"Draco.." I hissed.


"She is my ENEMY!" I growled.

"So what Narcissa! Ya don't control my life. L8er h8er." Draco snapped.


Fred POV


"Frederico! Sit down!" Screamed Mr. Noppy.

"No one says my full name!" I said back.

"Hahahah that sounds like something from 'Go Diego Go!" Said Cissy. Brat.

"You watch that?" I asked.

"Well my lame sister does!" Cissy replied. 

"Lame?!?" Bella said angrily.

"Don't worry Bella, I love that show." Said a popular guy named Tom Riddle. He probably didn't, but everyone knows he has a HUGE crush on Bella.

I took my seat next to Umbridge, who was busy talking to Filch. On the other side of me I had Scabior (this guy who wore makeup!) and next to him there was Dobby.





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