Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


11. Lolz

Umbridge POV

Everyone thinks I'm dead. But really I'm still alive #trolled. Yesh I fell out a window but who cares? I only broke a toe.. I think.


Georgina POV

I woke up to Fred screaming in my face. 

"What do you want?" I sighed, covering my head with my pillow.

"You stole my iPhone! I saved up for this! By doing that lemonade stand!" Fred began to hit me.

"I'm trying to sleep here. Get a life Frederico."

"You do know it's school." Fred reminded me. Frick. Today was the school play auditions too! We were doing some dumb original play called 'The Wizards of Hogwarts Place'. Who comes up with this?

"Since when did you care about getting an education?" I asked him.

"Since I got my car taken away for throwing eggs at Lupin's house." He said "Apparently I have to get good grades or I won't get an new Xbox for Christmas."

"LOL!" I laughed.

"I could just tell mom and dad you were involved with the egg thing." Fred said.

"Frederico you will be deaderico if you say a word to them." I warned him.

"Would ya keep it down? I'm trying to Skype the bae like whaaaaaaaaa?" Said Bill as he entered the room.

"Since when do you have a bae Billiam? And who? And why so early?" Me and Fred started to ask the important stuff.

"Since yesterday. Her name is Fleur. She's hawt. Hawtest girl in town tbh. And BECAUSE SHE'S  MY BAE AND I WOULD SKYPE HER ANY DAY AT ANY TIME!" Bill screamed, slamming the door.

I brushed my long, red hair into a fabbywus messy bun and put on cute, pretty and natural makeup. 

Me, Fred, Ron, Percy the peasant, Ginny and Charlie followed a stroppy Bill out to his car.

"Mind picking up Hazzy and Hermy on the way?" Asked Ron.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." Bill said.

"No ya wouldn't, no ya couldn't! You egg!" Ron said, as we jumped into his limo. It was so cool!

"Haha remember Gill yesterday!" I reminded them "IF YOU SEE RITA I WILL KILL YOU!"

"I have no idea who that is but that is extremely idiotic because you would have to be blind to not see 'Rita' whoever she is." Percy said.

"Rita as in Rita Skeeter, the Internet celebrity." I told him.

"Well I didn't know she went to our school but #wuteva!" Percy said, making a hash tag out of his hands. HE DOESN'T EVEN USE SOCIAL NETWORKS OMG SO DUMB!

Hermione POV

Me and Harry waved as Billiam 'Bill' Weasley pulled up. Haz and me were next door neighbours (I know, I know. AWESOME!) Just as we jumped in the car, Cissy Malfoy and her gang walked by. 

"Oh look! Losers in their natural habitat!" She laughed.

"Stahp talking about yourself Cissy! You ugly brat!" Screamed Harry as I pushed him in the car, he was trying to kick and hit her "You wanna fight? You wanna fight?" 

"Grow up Hazzy." Cissy giggled, flipping her eww-y blonde hair.

"Grrr... Who has a chainsaw? I'm gonna kill dat Cissy!" Harry growled, going bright red.

"Nah you're not. But looks like someone has a crush." Georgina teased him.

"Me? Cissy? Ya gotta be kidding!" Harry said, a blush beginning to spread across his face.

"I ship it! I ship it!" Me and the rest of the car began to chant. Except Percy of course. He probably had no idea what the word even meant. I heard my phone bleep and I looked down.

Thy Percy xD: Wats ship?

Me: it means you want them to get together hahahahah xD

Thy Percy xD: O lol. I ship me and Andi. MEMES!!!!!!!

Me: I'm concerned lel.

Oh Percy. Don't ask why his name is Thy Percy... It's just teh way it is!!!

Harry POV

I couldn't believe me and Rita were no longer dating. She was so fabby, sweggy, perfalicious. You name it. But whatever. 

We finally parked at school, and we all hopped out from the car.

"What lessons have ya got today?" Asked Hermione.

"Urm..." I said, looking down at my time table.

Art - Miss Coolsweg

Geography - Mr. Memeford

Science - Mr. Macnair


Dance - Mrs. Squidward

English - Mr. Dooby


I read it aloud as me and le Hermione walked into the art classroom. And then the most cray cray thing happened.

"UMBRIDGE!!???" I screamed "Are you a zombie? Zomg zombies are so cool like.. I watched this movie about zombies taking over the world. But I didn't know it would happen. Please don't eat my flesh!"

"Um I'm still alive." Umbridge said, looking at meh like I was stupido.

"You fell out a window!" I said.

"Yah. And? I'm still alive, Dumbo." She said.

"No one calls Hazza DUMBO!" Hermione said.

"He's dumb tho." Said Umbridge.

"Excuse me kids but I'm tryna teach a lesson but you lame people keep interrupting!" Said Miss Coolsweg. She didn't look that cool, or sweggy. Unlike mah guuuuurl Rita.

I sat down next to Hermi and Rita. Who gives two hecka about a seating plan? I don't.

"Heya Haz!" Said Rita, waving at meh.

"AYE!" I greeted her.

"Imma sit over here." Said JJ, Lily, Siz and that whole group.

"Yah sure thang, whatever." Said Rita.

"Soooooooooo. Wassup?" Asked Aragog.

"The ceiling." I replied, feeling clever.

"What?" Asked Rita "I don't get it." 


"How come ya guise missed assembly?" Lily asked.

"Oh because apparently my bro was skyping his Bae." Explained Ron.

"Your bro gets it." JJ said "The bae is more important than a proper education."

Then, the door opened, and a unfamiliar boy entered the room.

"Who the heck are you?" Asked Miss. Coolsweg.

"I am Viktor Krum. I'm a Bulgarian exchange student." He introduced himself.

"Whoa cool!" Said Ron.

"What kinda name is that?" Fred asked.

"A cool name for cool people." Whispered Hermione as he walked up to our table.

"You are very pretty." He pointed at Hermione as she blushed. Wait WHY WERE RITA AND HERMIONE NOT FIGHTING? I pulled out my phone and sent a text.

Me: Wat up wid u and Ri? Xbox

Hemi: Lol? Xbox? Yah let's just say I used my 'powers' ;) xxx

Me: frick u autocorrect. I meant Xbox. And what 'Powers' LOLOLO

Hermi: I kinda hypnotised her to think it never happened. She was gonna get me expelled lel.

Me: WOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Need 2 talk lets both leave class xxx



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