Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


6. Historeh

Georgina POV

My bro was pretty embarrassing, I mean my crush was in this room! And he was Staring at him like he was cray cray! Lestrange was flirting with Tom. Ugh I just wanted to cut off her ugly hair. Actually that was a pretty good idea.

I grabbed some scissors and walked over to her table.

"Hey my name is Georgina.. Please ignore my twin he is not normal." I introduced myself to Tom. Fred was still twerking on the chair to 'Timber'.

"Yah gurl. My name's Tom Riddle. Most popular guy in school. Dating sixteen girls." He told me. Ooh he was a player! That just added to his sexiness!

"Seventeen soon." I said under my breath. 

I quickly snipped a few inches of Bella Lestrange's hair, and she was too busy talking to Tom!

Rita POV

That fricking Harry! Lucky for me I was an Internet celebrity so my fans came to my rescue... He was just being pathetic anyway! What did I even do? My joke was funny and his was a #fail.

I walked into the classroom to see a teacher with wavy pink hair. Cool cool! I would never dye my hair... Jk my blonde hair isn't even natural but everyone thinks it is.

'Miss Hayffie? What kind of name is that? #herparentsmusthateher.' I hit the tweet button.

"I do follow you Rita Skeeter!" Screamed Miss Hayffie.

"Yah and you gotta admit that tweet was a win so #sorrynotsorry." I laughed.

"I have to tell you that parents don't choose your last name.." She told me. The whole class burst out laughing. Grrrrrr...!

"Shut up you dumb doge meme!" I cried, storming out. Okay that insult sucked but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

Umbridge POV

"Dumb doge meme?" Asked Miss Hayffie "I thought she was meant to be sassy and funny."

"She's kinda hot tho!" Filch called out as Miss Hayffie handed us our books. Roar.

"But I thought we were dating!" I shouted.

"Hey! I'm allowed to have crushes on celebs I'm sure you do!" Filch said. I could see Dobby grinning out of the corner of my eye. #desperate.

"Yeah but we know her! It's different!" I said back.

"You can't have her, man." The attractive sounding voice of Gilderoy Lockhart said, as he snapped a picture of an angry Filch on his iPhone.

I followed Gil on twitter so I looked down to see if he had posted it.

'haha this guy thinks he can get my bae. #getreal.' I resisted the urge to burst out laughing, Filch was my boyfriend, although he wasn't the most loyal guy.

Hermione POV

This teacher really reminded me of someone from a movie... But I couldn't picture them. Every lesson this school seemed to get more and more cray. Now they were fighting over Rita Skeeter (idk why she ain't even pretty.) 

I think Fred was tryna impress me with all that twerking and let's just say he got what he wanted. I am officially in love with Frederico tha one and only Weasley. Fred. I mean Fred.

Moody POV

I had already made five homies and got myself a bae. Her name is Ginny Weasley and I think she's my bruh Fred's cousin. Who cares? She's hot. But I think she has a crush on Harry Potter who really gets on my nerves.

I turned up the Pitbull music on my phone really loud so everyone could hear my awesome music taste.

Narcissa walked out of the room. I guess the brat wasn't a big fan of king Pitbull.

Cissy POV

Urgggh! I can't believe it! Someone commented 'im richa than u' on my pic on Instagram. NO ONE IS RICHER THAN ME. NO ONE.

I had to walk out of the room and find this loser. I bet they went to this school and I had a feeling they weren't in that class. 

Dobby POV

Finally. Fricking finally. I got myself a girl, her name is Andi. And she's older... Well I'm only dating her to make Ummy jealous, but she's not bad. Pretty smexy tbh. I stole her off this nerd called Percy #win. I don't understand why a cute gurl like her would date him tho. 

Draco POV

'Planet earth, our home, our place, a capricious anomaly in a sea of space.' I tweeted. I'm sure this will get me a bae... Girls like inspirational quotes don't they? Well I think Rita Skeeter likes them.. She did post that metaphor thing earlier. Not that I knew what a metaphor was. 







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