Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


1. First day!

Hermione's POV

Today is my first day at the frick frackling awesome Hogwarts High School! I couldn't wait to see my homies Haz and Ron, not to mention Ron's hawt older brother Fred who I had a crush on! I knew a lot of people already! Wowza! 

"Hey Ronald McDonald!" I greeted my ginger haired friend. I had suspected he had a crush on me for a long time.

"Ron. It's Ron." He replied.

"Sure thing!" I ruffled his hair "Where's Fred?" 

"Why are you suddenly so interested in Fred! He's so annoying and a huge jerk!" Ron screamed.

"Looks like someone has a crush on Hermy!" Said a voice from behind. It was the popular, mean Narcissa (or Cissy as most people called her.)

"Yah. You do Narsassa!" Ron snapped and ran off blushing and crying. Loser.

"Hahaha what a dork!" Cissy flipped her golden blonde hair.

"Yes. But he's our dork!" Haz appeared.

"Your dork? Yeh he's all yours!" Laughed Cissy.

I looked down at our lessons for today.

Music - Mr. Noppy

Maths - Mrs. Calecazam

History - Miss Hayffie


English - Mr. Dobby

P.e - Mr. Lol

"Our lessons are so lame!" I threw the paper in the bin.

"I know ri-" Harry stopped mid-sentence as he turned his head. A girl with wavy shoulder length blonde hair walked up to us and my phone buzzed.


Me: Errrrrr alright then Haz.. New crush?

"Hey! So what lesson have we got next?" Asked the girl.

"You are hot guuuuuuurrrllll!" Harry blurted out.

"Yesh, he's a nerd." I told the girl.

"I'm slightly concerned." The girl giggled.

"I'm not surprised." I said


Harry POV


Gahhhhhhhh! I can't believe I just said that to that girl! But she was supermegafoxyawesomehot! 

"Urm.. That was a dare!" I covered up.

"Yesh.. Yesh..." She looked unconvinced. 

"Anyway. About the lesson! We've got music and Idk where it is!" I said. She looked like such a hipster, and was wearing a galaxy t-shirt. 

"I love you! You saved my life!" Said the girl.

"Yes... I am your hero!" I laughed.

"Enough of the flirting!" Said Hermione. I blushed and the girl looked at me weird.

"Never enough flirting." I winked at her. Gosh heckit why was I acting so loser-ish?

Me, Hermione and our new friend (I didn't know her name yet!!) walked to the lesson and we met up with Hermione's friend Crookshanks. 



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