Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


10. Cray cray

Rita POV

I was way too cool for this twitter fight. I put my phone down, as I heard a loud noise from my right. Frederico was on the floor, and Filch was hitting him with a chair.

"Guys! STAHP!" Cried Mr. Dooby, tears appearing in his purple eyes.

"This guy LOOKED AT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Screamed Filch, continuing to smash Fred with the chair.

"Bruh, I didn't even look at her, I was looking at Cissy behind you!" Fred explained.


Fred got up and pulled a sandwich out of his bag, and threw it at Cissy's face. 

"FOOD FIGHT!" Fred announced, standing on a table.

I pulled out a bottle of coca cola and poured it all over Harry, who smushed a fish in my face.

"Why do you have a fish, you weirdo!?" I shouted, almost in tears. I started to film this, it would make a good vine.

"Cuz Fred arranged the food fight yesterday!" Harry laughed, throwing an egg at Umbridge.

"Hem hem!" Umbridge said, before she fell out the window.

"Hey Rita come over here." Harry said, pulling my arm.

"What do ya want loser?" I asked him.

"Tbh idc if you got a bae or nah." Said Harry, before pulling me in for a kiss.

Georgina POV

The lesson was finally over, and Umbridge was out the window. Whoa. Frick. Jk I'm glad it happened. I wonder if she's dead or alive?

"Where is Ummy?" Filch gasped as we walked through the corridors to the gym. Our next lesson was pe with Mr. Lol. Was that even his real name.

"Dude idk maybe she fell out a window." Fred told him.

"Yeh? As if!" Filch said.

I noticed Haz and that brat... What ever her name was.. Riana? I couldn't remember her name now HOLDING HANDS. It's as if the twitter war never happened.

Hermione POV

"Hey wassup." I felt a tap on my shoulder as I turned to see the one and only Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

"I thought you were MY COUSIN BELLA!" He said, blushing like mad.

"Bella's your cousin? I guess cray cray runs in the family!" I said.

"She isn't my cousin! I was talking about Bella... Dobbyson!" Draco tried to cover up, but was going redder than a beet.

"Who is Bella Dobbyson?" I asked.

"My cousin! She lives in Mexico!" Draco lied.

"Then why did you think I was her?"

"I dunno." Draco shrugged before joining his group of friends. Then I saw it. HARRY AND RITA.


"Things change, loser." Rita smirked.

"Oh yeah? Maybe you should change your attitude!" I said.

"Lol Hermi you sound like a teacher." Harry said.

I punched Rita in the face, causing her to fall to the floor. Did I just knock an Internet celebrity out? I sure did.

"Whoa Hermione! What was that for? Have you gone crazy?" Harry asked, backing away.

"Nope. But I had to do it. And I'm gonna have to do it again sometime." I said, smashing my fist into Draco's face.

"Whoops!" I laughed.

"Wow Hermione that was my girlfriend. Rita not Draco." Harry said as he leant down and began to give her CPR.

"LOL Harry is kissing Rita!" I pointed out to the whole class. Gilderoy Lockhart looked like he was on fire he was so angry.

"Get away from her!" He shouted, slamming Harry into a wall.

"Haz!" I cried, rushing over to the Harry on the floor.

"Wiggle wiggle wiggle." He said with tears filling his eyes. These were his last words, the last thing he ever said before he died. Lol jk.

"Fred this is no time for your twerking!" I called across the room. I guess the fight was now over as Fred, Siz, Lupin, Aragog, Buckbeak, Charlie, Bill (even though he was a year older), JJ, and Hagrid were twerking, surrounded by the rest of the class, with their phones out, taking photos.

Dobby POV

I couldn't believe the attention was focused on something that wasn't ME.

"GIRLS OVER HERE! FREE KISSES!" I yelled, waving my arms.

"Shut up desperate Dobby!" Ron said back.

"No thanks, Overly Sensitive Nerd!" I said.

"Hey. Dobby! Kiss me!" Said a girl, she was so pretty. Her name? Pansy Parkinson.

Harry POV

I rubbed my eyes as I started to wake up. Where the heck was I? Oh yah. School.

"Hazzy! You're finally awake boo thang!" Rita smiled as she walked over to me.

"Darn right I am. Sorry for being such an egg earlier." I apologised.

"Not gonna lie you were kind of an egg but the past is in the past. Let it go! Let it go!" She said.

"Can't hold it back anymore." I continued the song.

Then, the king of peasants appeared.

"IF YOU EVEN SEE RITA I WILL KILL YOU!" Gilderoy threatened, pulling my glasses off.

"Why did you pull his glasses off? NEVER PULL A GUY'S GLASSES OFF!" Rita said, slapping Gill.

"Lol I've got another pair." I put them on. They were so cool! They had a night vision setting, a camera, EVERYTHING!

"Yah Gill. #dealwithit!" Rita said.

"Um. We're dating. Um." Gill said.

"Not anymore! So long sucker!" Rita said.

"I WANT A GF!" Gill screamed.

"Haha you're more desperate than Dobby." I giggled.

"Also Harry, no offence but I don't really wanna date you. Can we just be friends? You're not that hot. But Lucius Malfoy on the other hand... ZAYUMMMMMM!" Rita said.

"You friendzoned me." I said, pushing her jokingly, but I pushed her a little hard and she ended up on the floor.

"Harsh much! I just don't wanna go out with you!" She said.

"Yah that was an accident." I told her.

"K I get it. I fall over easily." Said Rita.

"Where even is Mr. Lol?" I wondered.

"Who cares? This lesson is awks but hilar." Rita said.

"Awks thing to add on to that. My cousin dated your bro." I told her.

"HAAHHAHAHAHA okayyyyyyy." She laughed.

Lupin POV

This lesson is soooooooo uneducational! Seriously. I want to learn unlike the rest of this class. Okay maybe I'm just being Lupin but... I LIKE LEARNING!

Crookshanks POV

I just discovered I could turn into a cat! Wowowowowow it's like an animagus or whatever from that movie... I forgot which movie though.





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