Hogwarts High School

Basically what the title says!


4. #2fab4u


"Hey Cedric!" I said to my friend I had known all my life.

"It's Cedi." He replied. Ugh I bet he didn't even like me anymore! He probably likes some other girl #loser.

"Yah. Yah. Yah. Wuteva." I said. I looked down to see our next class was maths with Mrs. Calecazam. Boring!

"Haha I thought her name was Mrs. Macklemore!" Said this annoying kid called Siz (His real name was Sirius but he told us to call him Siz).

"That's #dumb." Cedric face palmed. Siz had been following us around all day #helikesmeh.


Cho Chang is such a cutie! Too bad she likes that.. Cheese...? Is that his name? Idk but what a loser. 

"Cho ya hot. Okay. I might as well let you know #noregrets." I admitted to Cho.

"There's an argument going on on Facebook!" Screamed some guy. 

"And there's an interesting lesson going on... Jk it's boring and I don't want to teach this, I'd rather be reading the fb drama. Y'all are lame!" Said Mrs. Calecazam, she was pretty young with long blonde hair.

"Hahaha Brofist!" Yelled the same guy. I think his name was Slughorn.

"Why do you always make friends with the teachers, Slughorn?" Asked his friend Hedwig.

Hedwig POV

My boyfriend Slughorn was being such a huge frickin' dork. I mean talking to teachers... Come on! We had been dating for five months and were actually in a proper relationship unlike most of the people here #sostupid.

I looked down at my iPhone to check twitter. Who cares about the fight on Facebook? There was that huge thing with Rita Skeeter and Haz Potter. I knew they would probably end up a couple #otp.

I have already written some fanfics about Harry and Draco! Haha yes ik ik creepy... But it's so cuuuuuute!

'It's a metaphor u see.' I read Rita Skeeter's newest tweet. Ugh I bet she hadn't even read the book! I HATE RITA SKEETER!

Dumbledore POV

So angry! I have to sit next to this dude Lupin while my boo thang Mcgonagall was on the other side of the room next to DOBBY. Dobby was known as the guy who steals all the girls...

Mcgonagall POV

Dobby kept on flirting with me! Probably tryna make Umbridge jealous! He stormed out of mr. Noppy's lesson earlier and I was like #l8erh8er! Oh Dobby! 



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