I Don't Belive In True Love

Raven Quinn, sister of Kellin Quinn, doesn't believe in true love. Her heart was broken by a boy called Dougie Poynter. Ever since then, she has doubted everything. Love. Happiness. Hope. Her brother tried to cheer her up, he was the closest thing she had to a real family. Like Kellin, she came from a broken home. She has toured with him, but when she discovers a new band on the block, will her life turn around?


2. What's So Good About Picking Up The Pieces?

Raven's P.O.V:

I swear, what's so good about picking up the pieces of a broken heart? Can't we just leave the pieces on the floor and leave them be? It'd do me some good. Independence is one thing I need. Thanks to Kellin, it's a thing I don't have. He's always done everything for me, so I didn't get hurt... Again

A.N: Sorry about this chapter being short guys (mainly Cunning Clifford). I need my sleep, and I have school tomorrow. Love y'all (especially you Shari xx)

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