I Don't Belive In True Love

Raven Quinn, sister of Kellin Quinn, doesn't believe in true love. Her heart was broken by a boy called Dougie Poynter. Ever since then, she has doubted everything. Love. Happiness. Hope. Her brother tried to cheer her up, he was the closest thing she had to a real family. Like Kellin, she came from a broken home. She has toured with him, but when she discovers a new band on the block, will her life turn around?


5. Since U Been Gone

So those are my thoughts over the past couple of days. It's now 11pm on a Friday night and I couldn't be more awake. Serves me right drinking five cans of Monster in one day. It's not my fault. I needed to help Kellin pack for tour. He leaves soon. He kept it behind a couple of days so he could look after me. I'm a nineteen year old girl, I don't need looking after. Yeah, I've had my bad moments in the past. But they're over now. The future looks bright.

I turned the volume up in my speakers, making 'Since U Been Gone by A Day To Remember' really loud. My neighbourhood don't really care how loud we play music. We live in a good neighbourhood but come from a broken home. How ironic. Anyway, Kellin is leaving me to deal with this cruel world. How dare he!

"Raven?" He smiled, looking up at me from the floor. His eyes sparkling from the light.

"Yeah Kels?" I smiled back. I do love my brother sometimes.

"We better get your things packed as well." He looked me straight in the eyes this time and smiled the brightest yet cheesiest smile in the whole world.

"Kels, I'm not coming with you. Remember?" I laughed slightly at his stupidity

"Yeah, you are Ray!" He screamed, jumped up and hugged me.

"You mean. You. Want me. To go on tour. With you?"

"Yeah. I really do Ray!" Looks like I'm going on tour with Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens!

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