I Don't Belive In True Love

Raven Quinn, sister of Kellin Quinn, doesn't believe in true love. Her heart was broken by a boy called Dougie Poynter. Ever since then, she has doubted everything. Love. Happiness. Hope. Her brother tried to cheer her up, he was the closest thing she had to a real family. Like Kellin, she came from a broken home. She has toured with him, but when she discovers a new band on the block, will her life turn around?


4. Can You Feel My Heart?

Ravens P.O.V:

Sometimes, when your heart gets broken enough, you stop feeling it. It goes numb. You simply cannot feel your heart. That's what has happened to me. I've trusted too many people, all except a few have broken my heart. Those few are of course Kellin, Vic and their band mates, Oli, Lee and the rest of BMTH and some others. All of which are either in relationships or have wives. Can't I just have at least one boyfriend who treats me like a princess and never gives up on me. Oh how I wish...

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