Panem High 1: It's my love story

Everyone from hunger games at high school in Panem! Randomness :3


1. New term


Its the first day of a new year at Panem High! Woop woop! 

"Wake up puddle duck!" I screamed at my sister.

"Eek!" She jumped out of bed with messy bun.

I applied some foundation and I looked really natural and pretty :3 

Prim put on lip gloss and eye liner she looked really pretty!

We walked to Panem High and I met up with Jojo Mason, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne, Prim met up with her boyfriend Rory, he's Gale's bro.

"So," Gale smiled. "Whazzup?" 

"Ugh!" Groaned a really jelly Peeta.

"Not another frickin argument!" Exclaimed Jojo.



I brushed my long blue hair and sprayed gold into it, I looked pretty cool. I tied it into a pony tail and pulled a bit of hair out of it to look more rugged and manly, like Haymitch Abernathy (the guy who loves my crush).

I walked out the door my sapphire earrings glinting in the sun.

"Hello Miss Trinket." I winked as she stepped out of her house (she lives next door to me).

"Hi, Sarah is it?" She asked creasing her  perfectalicious brow.

"IT'S CAESAR!" I shouted. "Sorry I didn't mean to shout!" I blushed bright red.

"K then." She said and turned on her heel to head to our school.

I ran to catch up with her but I tripped and fell flat on my face. A group of girls giggled and Effie was dying of laughter.

"Hiya Effisiosataca!" Grinned a guy with shoulder length dirty blond hair.

"Haymitch." I growled, brushing mud off my knees.

"Hi Haymitch!" She smiled a perfectly adorbz smile.

I muttered to myself and carried on walking.

"Cae!" Cried my best friend Seneca.

"Hey Seneca!" I smiled.

"I just saw Effie with Haymitch!" He told me.

"I know, I just saw them!" I exclaimed.

"I hate that dude!" 

I nodded but I was now looking at another girl. Her hair was bright green and short and her laugh was so cute!

"Hi!" I said grinning.

"Um, who are you?" She asked.

 I felt awkward as I'm only 4ft 6 ( Ikr awk!)

"UM.... CESSAR.C!" I blurted out.

"What the hecking darn?" Said a girl with a long plait.

"Elephant!" I pointed and ran while they looked in the direction of my finger.

"Elephant?!" Exclaimed Seneca when I ran back to him. "What the heck?"

"Idk, I was being awk!" I blushed.



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