Panem High 1: It's my love story

Everyone from hunger games at high school in Panem! Randomness :3


2. Bong balloo Caesar


When we arrived at school Katniss undid her plait and her hair went all cool and curly and I kept blushing cuz she kept blushing herself! 

"What's on your timetable?" She asked.

"History: Miss Macintosh

Philosophy And Ethics: Miss Ward

Citzenship: Mr Redsanta

Cooking: Mr Sporlebass

English: Mr Extraman

Science: Mr Rabbit." I said.

"OMG, SAME!" She exclaimed.

Gale had the same as well. 



I walked into History class and checked out the seating plan on the board but my name was missing.

"Miss Macintosh," I said. "My names not on the seating plan."

"Oh yeah, Effie is it?" She asked.

"Yep!" I grinned, I loved my name.

"You're on your own on that little table." She said pointing at a desk in the corner.

Haymitch was sat next to Caesar and he looked disappointed.

"Miss," He asked. "There's a spare seat next to me!" 

"Wait what!" Exclaimed Caesar.

Haymitch threw Caesar into the air, still in his chair, and across the room and he slid out the door.

"You can sit there then." She said looking up from her register.

Caesar came in again.

"Late!" She snarled. 

"I've been here the whole time though!" He protested.

"Can't fool me, baby B!" She snapped.

"Ugh." He groaned and sat down in my old seat.


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