Please Leave Me Alone?! Beau Brooks Love Story


1. Meeting CoraleighAnn

So this Story's about me? Well there's not much to tell. My parents died when I was 7years old. My only brother my best friend my idol died when I was 8 years old /: I lost my whole family. My brother died 1 year exact to the day my parents died :'(

Here's the story which I doubt you'll care about 😒


"Mommy!!! Is Cable coming home tonight??" I was so excited for my brother to come home I miss him so much!!!!

"Yea bby girl he is." She said!!!

"Yeah!!!!! I can't wait to see him!!!" I said

"But u need to stay at the Brooks house till we come back it's a far drive." She said

Life couldn't get better! I'm staying at my best friends house for the night I'm going to see my Brother for the summer!!!!!

"Okays!!!!!" I said.

I went upstairs to get ready for the best night ever!!!!!

"Daddy I need help I can't reach my suitcase" I said trying to reach it

"I'm coming sweetie!" He said and got my suitcase for me.!

"Thank u daddy!!!!! I love u!!!!" I said giving him a hug & kiss and went to my room To finish packing

"Come on CoraleighAnn we need to go!!!!" My dad & mom said

"I'm coming!!!!" I said

We left the house and made it to the Brooks I jumped out of the car with my suit case hugged and kissed my parents and said I love u too them and went into the house.

"Gina I'm here!!!!!" Gina said shhhh she wanted to surprise Beau because we haven't seen each other in like 2 years

"Which ones his room I asked?" I said

"That one." She said pointing to the door on the left. I nodded

"Beau Gina wants u!" I said

"Okay CoraleighAnn!" He said then stopped himself

"OMG CORALEIGHANN!!!!!" He tackled me to the ground

5hrs later

Beau & I were joking around when he told me to get us drinks and I said okay! And when I went downstairs I saw a cop?

"Gina who's that?" I said pointing to him.

"Oh he's a cop he's a friend. Thanks officer Mike!" She said trying to hide the sad voice and I picked up on itz

"GG what's wrong?!??" I said scared

"C I think u should sit down." She said

I sat down.

"Okay Cora I want to tell u that the officer isn't my friend he came by because.... Because your mother, father were killed in a car crash and Cable he's well umm in a coma. But they don't think Cable is gonna make it.... I'm soooo sorry sweetie." She said

I couldn't believe it...

"NO... Ur joking right??? This Is just a sick twisted joke isn't it!!!!!! Omg I lost my parents and Cable!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" I cried and Beau ran downstairs and his mom told

Him and his eyes went wide and comfort me. The whole night.

The funeral was horrible I went and saw my parents they look so painful they are in no more pain anymore... I love u mommy & daddy!

I went and saw my brother every and one day a doctor said they had to pull the plug on Cable. I CRIED MY EYES OUT FOR MONTHS!!!!!!

His funeral was worse.....

Flashback over...

Well now I'm in high school and it's HELL everyone bullied me even Beau /: he stopped being my friend in 8th grade. He's the worse of all....


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