When Miley gets sent to a orphanage she gets adopted maybe once or twice but she knows it will never last no one loves her let alone wants to adopt her and take her in as a daughter. She comes back with bruises and scratches but no one really cared. Will she ever get the life she has been waiting for?


5. some problems part uno

Niall's pov: I've been in my room texting my girlfriend her name is Alexis. N-Niall A-Alexis

Text message:

N-hey babe


N-how are you? I haven't seen you since we got Miley. Are you okay?

A-uh...yea I'm fine.

N- babe I can tell your not what's wrong?

A- can u come by?

N-sure baby b there soon xxx love you xxx

A-love you too xx

*~*~*~*~*~*~skip car ride*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I pulled up to Alexis's house and knocked on her door.

After about ten seconds I heard her running down her stairs and she opened the door.

"Hey babe we need to talk about our relationship." Alexis tells me sadly

Crap am I getting dumped?! I can't I've been lonely for so long and I actually found someone please no. "Oh uh um yea ok"

We walked into her house and she ushered me to sit down on the couch and she did the same after I sat.

"So what's there to talk about? Are we ok?! Did I do something wrong?"

"Course not babe I just need you to choose.... Do you want me or Miley? It's your choice but if you choose her I'm leaving but if you choose me she's getting sent back. I'm sorry I'm doing this to you but if we are going to be together I don't want you walking around with some misfit kid that you have to look after. Then we won't be able to see each other and I don't like the feeling of not having you around with me 24/7. Speaking of me and you being together my clothes are all really old and I'm gonna need a whole new wardrobe and since your rich and have millions if dollars you can by me the stuff. I know you took me shopping last week but I really do need more." "Are you telling me to choose over my baby and you?"

"Yea pretty much" "well in that case I choose...."


*~Authors note~*

Ok so I'm sorry please don't hate me. I haven't updated in like forever I know but I feel like no one really likes this story so I don't really try and make sure I update ASAP so I'm sorry but hey for those who do read this and enjoy it I made a new chapter and a cliff hanger DUH DUH DUUUU! Ok sorry but please comment like and fav also read my other stories and fan me. Thanks carrot peasants XD xxxxx

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