When Miley gets sent to a orphanage she gets adopted maybe once or twice but she knows it will never last no one loves her let alone wants to adopt her and take her in as a daughter. She comes back with bruises and scratches but no one really cared. Will she ever get the life she has been waiting for?


4. home

Miley's pov:

I ran upstairs to get my stuff and the two girls who hurt me before came up to me and started kicking me and pulling my hair. I'm soo glad I'm leaving and don't have to see them ever again.

"Ok guys really?!? I'm leaving so cut it out I don't see how anyone's ever gonna adopt you two! Not to be mean but you guys are so mean to every one I would be shocked if someone came and adopted you! No offense."

"Oh don't worry we will get you for that! Thank god someone's adopting you hope they don't beat you like all the others." She says sarcastically.

"Whatever. I'm leaving adios arses!"


I walk back down the stairs and see all of them smiling at me.

"Ok I'm ready." I say and go hug Kaitlin bye one last time.

"Ok sweets come on then we have a limo out side waiting for us but it's not like they are going anywhere. They leave which no one ever does the driver losses his job as our assistant. Harry says."

"Ok... Um.. Weird. Let's go then I have all my stuff."

"Ok let's go" Niall says.

He is my favorite out if all of they which sucks because I can't love my dad pretty sure that is frowned upon in a lot of places. But then again he isn't my real dad more of a like best friend. Hmmm. I thought to myself.

We start driving and the driver puts on one directions new album midnight memories, and is playing #8- Happily. I really like there music but I have no clue who they are I've never seen them I've only heard the songs. But they sound like pretty cool lads.

I start to quietly hum and watch out my window. I can feel all of them staring at me but I pretend like I didn't notice.

We come into a neighborhood and every single house there was a mansion.

"Wait do you guys live in this neighborhood?!?" I yell not meaning to be so loud.

"We'll yea why you don't like it. do you?" Zayn asks worriedly

"No, it's awesome!!!" I say with a big smile on my face.

They all let out a breath. I guess they were all worried I didn't like it. Oops

We pulled up at this really awesome mansion it had a wrap around porch and a big tree in the back. There was also two pools. I have no clue why but whatever. They also had two dogs. One was a boxer puppy named Nando (Niall's) and then another puppy that belonged to Liam named Loki. We walked into the house and Liam walked me to the elevator and came up with me.

"Soo Miley how do you like it so far?"

"Oh my gosh it's perfect I love it so much!" I say and hug his side.

"Good I'm glad you like it. So we have two rooms you can pick from. The one you don't choose will be turned into a guest room so don't feel bad if you didn't choose one."

"Ok cool thanks."

We get to the floor and get out of the elevator. Liam walked me to both the rooms. The first one was the one by Niall's room. It had purple walls with a white wording that said "Forever young". It had a navy blue bed and the sheets were pink with lime green pillows. It also had its own bathroom and a walk in closet. And the flooring was white soft/fluffy carpet

The next room was right next to Louis room. It had light orange walls with a light blue bed set. On the wall it said in white wording: "don't stop believing". It had a smaller closet and had a shared bathroom with Louis.

I like the first room. I told Liam.

He smiled and we walked back into the room and set all my stuff on the bed and Liam walked down stairs.

Come down when your all settled. Liam says before leaving. Ok will do I say back and put all my stuff away. I decide to take the stairs because I hate going into elevators by myself. I get to the bottom of the stairs and hear the boys talking about me...

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