When Miley gets sent to a orphanage she gets adopted maybe once or twice but she knows it will never last no one loves her let alone wants to adopt her and take her in as a daughter. She comes back with bruises and scratches but no one really cared. Will she ever get the life she has been waiting for?


8. finding her

(A/n):Sorry carrots so I'm just going to keep updating now!

Niall's POV:

I can't believe my little Miley left because of me ugh what kind of father am I if I make my child run away from me?! I'm not going to be having any girlfriends for awhile after this now. Miley is going to be my one and only true princess.

"Look Niall there she is!" Louis shouts

"Under that tree." Harry says soon after.

I look over and sure enough there she is with no jacket under a cold shady tree at 12:00 shivering her bum off. Before Liam could park the car I was already out of my seat belt jumping out the now open door of the car. I heard A few "you've gone completely insane." from the guys because I scared them.

I ran up to Miley and see that she is freezing cold passed out on the grass and I know that she isn't sleeping because knowing her she would never sleep on grass. I feel her forehead and she is burning hot with a fever.

"This is all my fault! She is sick now because of my silly mistakes that I unfortunately had to make." I told myself.

"Mate this is as much our fault as a way. We were supposed to watch her and we left for food But the real criminal would be alexis. She started this and is the real reason for all of this." I heard the boys say from behind me.

"We need to take her home. She shouldn't stay outside any longer. It will only get worse." And with that we were over to the car starting to leave. With her laying on Harry's and my lap

When we got home I set her in her room and decided that I should sleep with her just in case something happens and she might need me.

So I get changed and lay with her in bed.

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