The Devil In My Soul

The War of All Worlds raged on and completely destroyed the place where peace and happiness are supposed to be eternal.


Ari died a cruel death, and therefore had very high expectations for eternity. But once she reaches the destination of her dreams, she realizes that even death wasn't going to be easy.

Join the angels in the fight to reclaim their rightful freedom.


1. Prologue

A bloodcurdling scream pierced the ears of my competitor. I gasp in surprise as I realize that that scream slipped through my own two lips.

I hyperventilated in fear. I was losing the war, and struggling to stay alive. Although I knew that life had nothing left for me, death was still a haunting thought.

A simple, nut-like structure escaped the end of an exquisitely decorated pistol, briskly traveling through the air and finally reaching its destination.

The torturous pain inside my head was nothing compared the excruciating guilt that was crushing every bit of strength I had.

"I-I'm sorry....." I breathed. "Too late kiddo." Said a deep Australian voice.

My heart was slowing, breath was stopping, eyes were closing. I felt my soul slip away faster than a Japanese Maglev train.....

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