Confined Shaming

Alice Smith wasn't one for adventures or hilarity or terror or anything with a purpose. She felt content sitting at home everyday, recording her thoughts into a journal.
But what if one day everything you new fell apart? What if one day you had to choose which path to take?


5. Broken dreams and Tamborines

Alice's POV


What have I done? Fuck. I've been so stupid. I woke up this morning in some house I've never been in before. I'm here now, looking at the roof which could fall on me at any given moment. But I don't want to wake Grace up, she is so much different than how I labelled her. Don't judge a book by its cover, Alice. God sake what do I do?

I sat up straight and looked around, we had used tattered blankets Grace found in a storage closet to keep us from catching cold.

Oh shit. My home. My family. I'm so dead. Maybe I should just run away? Or say I was kidnapped. I am so fucking dead.

Dear god, if you ever can grant me a wish, now would be the time. Please say mother sleeps in until way after I get home. Don't let her find out about this. Amen.

Please please say she is okay. Should I wake Grace? What do I do.

Why am I such a baby? Calm the fuck down, Alice. You know what? I'm not a baby. I'm calm, my parents can worry if they'd like, I'm not scared. Maybe I should try something different, a whole new outlook on life. I mean, we only live once.


Alice breathed a sigh of relief as she calmed herself. Grace woke up and asked if she was alright.

The rest of the day, they stayed locked up in that house, talking about things they had never shared, smoking and sleeping. They ventured around the house until they found some musical instruments and started creating music.

Alice used a tambourine. As she danced around the house with it and Grace played the guitar, Alice felt truly happy for the first time.

But that was until the floor gave way and Alice crashed three storeys down to the floor below.

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