My side of the story

A book about my life. The book will help you, if you have problems.


4. Words can kill you.

Chapter three   

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” 
― Robert Frost


I was no longer the girl in corner; no I was now the person everyone looked up to. People came to me with their problems and I helped make the bad and hard dissections. I was now the class leader. I wasn’t a queen bee I was someone to look up to. I had that fire in my eyes that made people want to follow me. My best friend and I became best friends that year. I always thought a little bit that she used me, because I became popular. Maybe she did. Anyway I liked the company. I liked having that one friend that made you feel special. We did everything together. I really loved her. But as time went on, she took the lead. She became the girl every guy dreamt of. She had the perfect body. I envied her every movement. I looked up to her, before I said something I look at her and waited for a nod or a blink, just something that gave me the permission to say something. I guess you could have called me her puppy, her slave, or even her little bitch. Everyone knew that it was us against the world. I never trusted her with my secrets, but I enjoyed every moment in the spotlight, because I never knew when it would be taken from me again. Friendship is often bought out of popularity. It’s such a shame. But I am no better. I fell in love with this guy at the age of 11 almost 12. He was the cutest boy I have ever seen. He had dark hair and blue eyes. He was with no doubt the most popular boy in our grade. We started to date a little, and I really thought we were couple. Or so I thought. My best friend took him. They got together and were a couple for about a year. I was mad at her, but I couldn’t lose her as a friend. I just moved on. One of my other rules “Raise your head, be a bitch and move on.” It works all the time literally. Well when they broke up, I didn’t care. He wanted me, but I wasn’t allowed to have him, the stupid ex rules. Pathetic I know. People always told me that I was strong, but did I believe that? No. I was the underdog until about the 7th grade. I don’t know what happened I changed. But we are not quite there yet. Don’t follow the path you are given, follow the path you WANT!  Words hurt; I just wish everyone knew that. It hurts to be called a hooker or a slut. It hurts. Before opening your mouth, think about the words you are going to say, because the wrong word can end killing someone’s life.

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