My side of the story

A book about my life. The book will help you, if you have problems.


2. The beginning of hell.

Chapter one   

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
― Mae West

Trough out my fourteen years I learned three really important things.

1. Don’t give up even when life sucks.

2. If life doesn’t suck once in a while, you are living it wrong.

3.  You our given your life, because your strong enough to live it.

When you were little, your mother probably always tied your hair up into small pigtails. She probably also told you, you were beautiful. She did everything to make you feel special, because you are special. No one else is like you. But as the years go, you change. You no longer have pigtails or pink little dresses, with butterflies or flowers on them. Once you never cared what the boys thought, now you do. You know care what the boys think, and try everyday to impress them. Why are we like that? We should boys make us want to change? Shouldn’t the boys fall in love with the real us? Well that is what I think, or I do now. I though want to admit, that I have not always believed that. I, like everyone else, have done everything to impress the boys. Let me guess, you also were clothes you hated, but you knew the boys like it? You probably starved yourself, because the prettiest girl in your class got all the attention? You wanted to feel as special as her. You thought that throwing up, would make you pretty? Doubt it! It makes you look sick. But still every time you put your fingers down your throat, you felt good for about 2 minutes, but then you were embarrassed. You felt worse. Not at all special. Every single time you did it, you just felt worse. Am I right? Bu you still did it. You wanted to feel pretty; you wanted the boys’ attention. Even though you felt worse every time you did it, you still did it. You cried yourself to bed at night, because you didn’t feel you were good enough… Am I right?  You are probably in shock now. How could a 14 year old know all that? Well because I have done it too. I did it to look good. I lost about 15 kg in 2 months. I felt good, I was finally thin. Or so I thought. When I looked into the mirror, I no longer saw me. I was a stranger. I looked sick, but I was too weak to stop. I kept starving myself. As time went, people started to notice my big change. I did get better with time. I hope you are comfortable and not afraid of the truth, because this is my side of the story.



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