The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


5. The Vow

I woke up to Storm shaking me "Wake up! We get to go on a special walk today!" I stretched and stood up from the nest that I had slept in since I was a pup. Today was the day I would prove myself as a hunter and move to the Training Dens.  Hunters and Fighters in training slept and learned there. I trudged out into the clearing, shaking my head to try to clear the remaining sleepiness from my head. Someone cleared their throat and I looked up, blinking to clear my vision. Snow stared down at me, "Time for your first lesson. Follow me." She lead me down a path I had never traveled or noticed before. The trees shaded the entire trail, giving it a creepy feel that sent chills up my back. Many pawprints filled the path; the hard ground seemed to have the pawprints of every dog in the Pack and more. Finally, we reached a large rock gauged by many claw marks. She leaped gracefully onto the rock formation and uttered words that had been passed down for generations. "When you received your name and chose to be a Hunter, you sealed your future. Now you must take a vow, a sacred binding that makes you truly one with the pack. After this, you must never leave the Pack, never tell anyone what you saw last night, and never reveal the Pack`s secrets, even at the price of death. Break one of these rules, and we will know." She fixed me with a stare as cold as ice. "Repeat after me: I swear to protect my Pack with my life, to care for everyone as if they were myself, and to never betray or hurt my Packmates, no matter what. If I do wrong, I will accept the punishments. If I choose a mate, I will serve them faithfully. And if I accept my position as Hunter, I will obey my Alpha and Beta and respect all of my Packmates, from the strongest Fighter to the Omega." I took a deep breath and pledged. Time seemed to slow down, and a bright flash of light blinded me. A bubbling sensation spread across my body and I lost consciousness.

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