The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


8. The Trick

Strom yelped as we helped Feiry into camp. "What happened?" Snow stepped up and gave her a reassuring lick on the shoulder before replying "Fiery broke his paw. It`s just a small break from Training and he`ll recover in less than a day. The only thing really broken is his pride." Storm huffed in amusement. Flutter trotted up to Storm and panted happily. "Hi there! You want to go out on a little pre-hunting stroll with me? I just need to have a quick talk to some dogs first." Storm yapped in excitement and ran to go get food. Flutter pulled Snow and me aside and narrowed her eyes. "Okay, so here`s the plan. We all act like we are going to leave the Pack. Storm knows this is wrong and feels strongly against the matter. It will be a perfect test." Snow nodded and guestured to me. "He knows how to thought-speak already. Has quite a talent for it, so feel free to give him pointers on what to say and do. If he is on our 'side', it will make her reaction even stronger and make it harder for her to refuse." This time I nodded, and Storm padded over. I heard Flutter`s voice sound in my head. Alpha and your parents are in place. You will follow us at a distance. I bid a short goodbye to Storm and Flutter before pretending to head to my nest. Snow followed suit, but by that point I could no longer see them. I snuck out of the den, keeping low in case Storm was still nearby. Snow cleared her throat beside me. "They`re gone," she woofed with a hint of laughter in her voice. "Come on!" I got up and silently followed her into the forest. This isn`t the way they went... I thought-spoke to Snow. I know, we need to go a longer way to make it there need the end and not be so close Storm can hear us. OH by the way, to just talk to me, focus on just my aura, or well, mind. Then just send out a thought in my direction. She winked and picked up speed. I put on a burst of speed and followed, trying to beat her to wherever we were going. She waved her long, bushy tail in my face, taunting me quietly with every movement. I growled playfully and pounced on it, sending us both tumbling across the leave-coated ground. We laughed for awhile, then perked up our ears as we heard other voices. I stood up and quickly dusted off my fur. Snow stood up and shook leaves everywhere, a goofy grin on her face. We stepped out of the brush to see Flutter and Storm laughing and dragging a few rabbits between themselves. "Oh hey guys! Perfect timing! I was just about to ask Storm." Flutter had the usual happy grin on her face, but winked at us before looking back at Storm. Storm looked at us, her laughing, light brown face quickly turning confused. "What do you mean 'about to tell' me?" Flutter looked at us and replied, "We`ve all been thinking, and we want to leave the Pack. And... we want you to join us." Storm looked at me and asked in puzzlement. "What about Fiery? And Mom and Dad? Do they know about this?" I thought for a second that seemed to be regretfull hesitation, and answered, "Mom and Dad don`t know, but can`t we think for ourselves? I mean, we`re not little pups anymore. And we were going to bring Fiery, but his paw... We have to leave him behind; we can`t risk anyone catching wind of our plan to escape. Fiery agreed that we should leave without him. He said once he heals he will try to catch up." Good job, Snow`s voice popped into my head. Storm shook her head. "This all seems convincing, but no. It`s wrong! And I belong here... We ALL belong here! I have to go tell Alpha!" She tried to run past me but, quickly thinking, I stuck out a paw and pushed her flank. Unbalanced, she tripped and did a very ungraceful roll into the bushes. I jumped over them in one great leap and pinned her to the ground. I turned my head around to see Alpha, Moonbeam, and Dusk padding out of the shadows like tey had during my test. Alpha`s kind but powerful voice boomed out from his throat, "Congradulations, Storm! You have passed your loyalty test. Flash, you can get off her now." He finished with laughter in his voice. Storm looked at me and said, "You aren`t actually leaving?" I opened my mouth but it was Flutter that spoke. "None of us are leaving, little one. Don`t worry your little mind." For the second time that day, I walked back to my den feeling totally worn out both mentally and phisically.

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