The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


2. The Hunt

I woke up, pulled out of my first normal dream in years, by my brother and sister. My light brown-colored sister, Yap, is yapping, "Come on slowpoke! We have to go to our hunting lesson thingy." She stalks out of the den, but my dark brown brother, Mud, stays. "Come on, we can`t let her go by herself!" I groan and pull myself onto my paws. We walk out to see our Beta, Snow, pawing at dirt, trying to be patient. "Where were you two, getting some more sleep? Well the white rabbit for your Naming tonight wont catch itself!" She led us into the forest, the same path I had taken a long time ago when I got my pup name. She took a sharp right a few paw-lengths into the path, leading us into a grassy meadow. "What do you smell?" She asked. I automatically replied, "Rabbit and groundhog." Snow looked at me and nodded, satisfied that at least one of us could scent correctly. "Now I want you to go up to that rabbit burrow, and make as much noise as you can when I say go. You got that?" Yap jumped up and down with excitement. We silently slunk toward the rabbit hole, and waited out side as Snow positioned herself behind us. "GO!" She howled. We dug and barked and yipped and made enough noise to scare away a whole pack of wolves. The rabbits burst out of the whole and Snow and I took off. She angled toward the bright white one, but I had I different idea. I put on a burst of speed and overtook both Snow and the rabbit. I skidded to a halt in front of the white one and several brown ones. Thinking I was the wolf originally chasing them, they tried to run back the way they had came. This sent them right into Snow`s claws, and she managed to catch the white one and three brown ones. She stared at me amazement. "That was a senior hunter move, and you just preformed it excellently. Ant, you have the blood of a real hunter in you." She motioned over Yap and Mud, who licked my ears in congratulation. Snow carried the white rabbit back to camp, and me, Yap, and Mud each carried a brown one. As we padded back to camp to meet up with our fighting teacher, Night, I knew what I would choose. I was a hunter!

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