The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


9. The Howl

 A wet nose rummaged through my fur. "Come on, sleepy. It`s time for the Howl. Trust me, you`ll want to be there." I opened my tired eyes to see Snow leaning over me, her white fur gleaming in the moonlight behind her. I slowly got up and followed her out to the clearing. The moon blazed bright in the sky, a gleaming bowl of stars. Alpha stood out side his den, fur ruffling in the wind. He gave a sharp bark and everyone turned around. "Since the birth of our newest pups," He flicked his tail at Storm, Fiery, and me. "we haven`t had a reason to howl. Today, all three pups passed their loyalty tests. Tonight, they will discover the power of the Pack, and their place in our society." He jumped down gracefully, making almost no sound as he landed. He sat at the middle of our circle, and raised his head to meet the rays of the moon. He took a deep breath, and howled. It was a beautiful sound, not like some of the other voices you hear sometimes. Shattering the silence, it made you want to join him. And one by one, we did. Snow, then Night, then Moonbeam, and Dusk; soon everyone but me and Storm had joined in. Taking a deep breath, I followed my instincts. Soon my voice had joined the melodic chorus of howls, some low, some high, some in the middle. We howled for what seemed like forever, and, at the same time, we all stopped. Alpha nudged me to my feet, and led me into his cave, alone. What was he doing? As we walked into the den, the light of the Dreamstone illuminating the whole cavern. Sitting with his back up against the glowing stone, Alpha fixed his eyes on me. "What do you think?" he asked like he had just shown me his future. I stuttered, "Its-um-It`s amazing. Just, wow."  He stared at me curiously, and replied, "I see something in you, something that I haven`t seen in a long time. Let`s just say, you remind me of a good friend. Sadly, he died a long time ago trying to do the right thing for someone still in this Pack. Let me just ask you something: Have you ever heard of Anima's Code? It says that all who wish the wrong thing, always do the right thing, and those who wish the right thing, often get the bad thing." He sighed. "My old friend never payed any attention to those sort of statements, and he payed the price. I don`t want you to end up the same way. So, would you like to train with me to be, well, the next Beta when I move on?" I stared at him in wonder before eventually managing to say, "Yes!"

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