The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


7. The Chase

Snow led me down the path we had taken during our Hunting lesson. She gave me commands through my mind. Okay, today its all about the chase. I will make the noise this time, and you will try to catch as many rabbits as you can. Take up position next to the enterence to the far burrow. I felt other minds nearby. They were whispering, hiding behind the trees several pawlengths away. "Okay, remember the rules. After they`re done, we do it. Not before, not after. Got it?" Night`s voice hissed from behind a far oak tree. I was about to call out when Snow barked "GO!" She digged madly at the burrow, but I had little time to enjoy the sight before i was off. The nearest rabbit tripped and I caught it in an instant. Quickly coming up with an idea, I picked up speed and sped ahead of the large bunch of rabbits. Running straight my paws, most of the rabbits didn`t even know what was happening. Only a handful got away. Well done, Flash. Let`s see how many you caught, Snow congradulated me. We determined I had caught seven rabbits, including the one that had tripped. You did extremely well, especially for a beginner. I`ll make sure to tell Alpha. She looked away for a second, but I couldn`t hear her talking to Alpha. She winked at me. "Private message." As we neared the trees, I heard a slight rusling sound, as if someone was shifing their weight to... POUNCE! Suddenly three dogs jumped out of the trees at us. I noticed they were Night, Claw, and Fiery. Fiery, why? Why are you doing this? "Get out of my head!" Fiery growled at me. He and Claw pounced on Snow and pinned her to the ground. I peeled back my teeth in a snarl and spat at Night. "Traitor! Why are you doing this? She`s done nothing wrong, I`VE done nothing wrong! Stop this or I`ll go tell Alpha!" Mock fear flashed across Night`s face as he replied "Oh no! Don`t get Alpha! Face it pup, you may be fast but you`re nothing compared to your brother. Hunters are weak, Fighters shall rule!" Fiery and Claw echoed him, hungry for power." I thought as loud as I could Help! Night has gone power hungry and is trying to hurt me! Night laughed at my efforts. "You think I`m going to let you just think your way to safety? No way! Fiery, it`s time to prove yourself. Attack!" Fiery lept off the ground in a neat jump and landed in front of me. "Time to finish the battle we started during fight class." He swiped at me, and I nearly lost in ear. Ducking and rolling, i narrowly avoided his attacks. I panted at Night "You won`t get away with this! You Traitor!" I swiped at Fiery and, startled, he slid across the ground, stopping against a tree with a sickening crack. I turned to Night, "Why are you doing this?" He cackled madly and lowed his head to my level. "Well, shrimp, since you and your Hunter friends are going to die in the next hour I might as well tell you. I want Power. The strength of the Moon, to be pricise." An idea came to mind and I smiled up at him. "As the best Fighter in the Pack, I never thought you would be stupid enough to do this." He bared his teeth and growled "You little-" I swiped my paw across his nose and scampered up the tree. Snow howled and Alpha emerged from the shadows, Moonbeam and Dusk padding softly behind him. "Well done, Flash. You have passed our loyalty test." Alpha smiled up at me. "You can come down now; its safe." I scampered down and turned to Night. "Sorry about your nose, by the way." Night winced. "Its fine, I would have done the same if i was in your paws." We helped Fiery up and helped him back to camp, making sure his broken paw never touched the ground.

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