The Pack

Hey KittyCats! This is a new story I`m working on, and its about a pack of wolves that I, Flash, am born into. We face humans moving into our home, starvation, and a fierce enemy pack. Hope you guys enjoy!


1. The Beginning

 Shadows closed in around me, suffocating me, and blocking out all sunlight. I tried to escape, but they kept nipping at my legs and paws, trying to bring me down. I scratched at one of them, but my paw passed right through.Suddenly, they all crouched down, jumped in unison, and smothered me with their ghostly bodies. I woke up panting hard, lying in the leafy den that I shared with my siblings. The sunlight was shining through our green canopy, giving the floor a dappled look. It must have been pretty early, because all was quiet except the chattering of birds in the treetops. I licked my white fur back down from where it had stood up with fright from my dream. Today was my naming, and I couldn't`t mess this up. I couldn't`t remain as Ant for the rest of my life. When my eyes had opened for the first time, I wanted to look at everything. I set across the forest one day, too young to know that my dad, Dusk, was softly following me from behind. I broke into a little gallop, my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, when suddenly my paw slipped in a small hole and somehow got wedged in it. Suddenly, little teeth started crawling all over my paw and foreleg biting and biting and biting me. I yelped in pain, and my dad burst from the trees. He yanked my paw from the hole, and carried me back to camp by the scruff. As soon as I had some mud on my paw, to help cool it down and relieve pain, Dad started giving me a long lecture. He said that I`m not allowed out by myself until I get my naming and my class. In our pack, we have two major classes that a pup gets to chose when he gets his true name. There is the Hunting Class, where you train to be a stealthy and quick hunter and help find food for the Pack. The other is the Protector Class, where you learn awesome fighting skills, and patrol our territory borders for any enemies. Today I get to sample both so I can make a good decision tonight. I slowly stand up and pad out into the clearing. I look at our prey pile, and there isn`t much. I sigh and pad back into my den, curling up and hoping to have a better dream this time.

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