Charlie Barker's life is very dull. Her mums always of on holiday with her latest boyfriend. Her nan is always down the pub with her pals and Charlie is left looking after her mentally disabled little brother. But when Grace walks into her life things suddenly become much brighter.


7. Saturday

The next day was Saturday so I had a lie in. when I got up Grandma was sitting in the living room doing a puzzle with Clyde. She was calmly pointing to where the piece in his hand belonged. But his eyes kept wandering to another part of the puzzle. I made her a cup of tea and sat down with them. Grandma nearly burst into tears when I told her what Clyde did last night. I got a text from Grace saying she’d been grounded for the rest of the term. So thts a week then? She texed back. No 3 weeks. My rents count hols as term.  So I won’t see her for the two week holidays. I guess the whole bunk of school idea was a bad one. I decided to make my first step towards my ‘become a famous actress’ dream.  I looked on the internet if there were any auditions for a part as a teenage girl. There was one. Auditions for a part in a new drama Silbury Hill were in a month time. I make a note in my diary, and went on to YouTube to watch acting tips. Grandma made ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch so we ate them outside. It was only just starting to feel like spring. I told her about the auditions. “Are you sure that’s what you want to do? Don’t you want to finish school first?” I pointed out it would be a good idea to get some experience as soon as possible. And any way I’d still have to do some school work. “Well if you’re serious about it.” I watched Pepa Pig with Clyde. But apart from that nothing else happened.

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