New begining


1. Their beginning.

At the age of 14, there once came a boy named Liam Payne who went for audition in X- Factor. He was good at singing and he went to judge's house but didn't succeed. Simon Cowell asked him to come after two years so Liam Payne came after two years at the age of 16. There were four more boys who came to audition. The four boys name was Zayn Malik,Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan and Harry Styles. The five boys passed and were put together in a group. In the judge's house, they did an amazing job and they named their band ' One Direction '. Then they became third. But they kept working hard and hard. And today they are the bestt band in the world. They go to different countries to do tours and they and a lot of loving and caring fans, they will never disappoint their fan.

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