The blind boy and the dancer

Giselle Dvorak is a dancer. It's her life, she is offered a scholarship to go to the finest dance academy there is. That is until she breaks her leg and has to go to a hospitalized rehab to get better. She then meets a blind boy, to help her and him through their problems.


9. surgery

As I got up I looked out the window I got dressed and went to Jeffrey, Henry was supposed to come any minute it took a few hours for his bandages and his eye sight to come in. We heard footsteps, a man came in and we all yelled surprise thinking it was Henry. Jeffrey went up to the man. The man left and Jeffrey called off the party. "Why are you calling off the party?" I asked. "What I'm about to tell you might be dissapointing " Jeffrey said to me. "What?! Henry didn't get his eyes fixed?!" I asked. "No! He he, he died, he was too weak to hold up." A fat year rolled down my cheek. I limped to Henry's room, on his night stand were flowers, his ring, and balloons that said get well. I grabbed his ring and slid it on my finger. I would never forget him.

As my leg got better I could return to dance and school. Jeanette stole my spot but she didn't get the scholarship it went to her friend, Amir. I didn't get the scholarship but I had until next year. And I had Henry's luck.

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