The blind boy and the dancer

Giselle Dvorak is a dancer. It's her life, she is offered a scholarship to go to the finest dance academy there is. That is until she breaks her leg and has to go to a hospitalized rehab to get better. She then meets a blind boy, to help her and him through their problems.


1. recital

I have been dancing my whole life. Today was the day that a dance teacher from a prestigious talent academy will be watching me to see if had what it takes to make it into the academy. Tonight was my recital to dance in swan lake. I was ready, I danced on to the stage. I posed and waited for my partner. I was so nervous in side but I showed no emotions on the outside. I took the center stage and did my routine. After that the lights went out, and the dance was done. After that my parents and little brother came to me off stage. The dance teacher came to. "That was amazing, now I hope to see you on Monday." The dance teacher said. She walked away. "I made it!" I screamed. I made it.

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