The blind boy and the dancer

Giselle Dvorak is a dancer. It's her life, she is offered a scholarship to go to the finest dance academy there is. That is until she breaks her leg and has to go to a hospitalized rehab to get better. She then meets a blind boy, to help her and him through their problems.


6. Pool time drama

The second day I was there the male nurse made me do leg excercises. "Okay Danse! Your almost there! Push your leg three more times!" The nurse said. "I can't!" I cried. “Yes you can! Do you want to dance again?” He screamed to me. “Yes!” I cried. “So push your leg one more time” he said to me. I pushed it again, I wanted my leg to heel again. Henry walked into the room. He rubbed his brown hair back and put his hands into his blue hoodie pockets. “Hey Henry” I said to him. “Oh hello Danse” he said sadly. “Whats wrong?” I asked as I got onto my crutches. “Its just they had to push my laser eye surgery back because they need to test out the new equipment” Henry told me. We walked to the outside pool. “So Danse, hows your leg getting?” Henry asked as we stopped by the pool side. “Its getting tired, I had so many leg pushes” I said. “Yeah if you keep going you will be able to dance again” Henry said. As I kept going I forgot about Henry. “Danse wait up!” He yelled to me. He tripped on his shoelace and fell in the pool. “Henry keep swimming!” I yelled to him. I limped to Henry as fast as I can. I tried to pull him out but he was to heavy. I just didn’t know what to do.

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