The blind boy and the dancer

Giselle Dvorak is a dancer. It's her life, she is offered a scholarship to go to the finest dance academy there is. That is until she breaks her leg and has to go to a hospitalized rehab to get better. She then meets a blind boy, to help her and him through their problems.


5. Look out

I wheeled into Henrys room. “Who’s there?” he said.  “Its Giselle or also known better as Danse” I said. “oh hello, Im sorry I spilled donuts on you” Henry. “Its okay I’m sorry I told you to watch out, I didn’t know you were uhm” I said “Blind,its okay”Henry said. “I just didn’t know if I knew I wouldn’t say that, I just am so mad I’m here” I said to him. “why? I like it here in a week I get my eyes fixed and I get to see everyone” Henry said. “Its just I can’t walk anymore! I used to dance and now I can’t” I said. “you know if you try hard to heal your leg you could dance in a few weeks” Henry said. “Ill do it, and thanks for accepting my apology goodnight Henry” I said as I rolled out “Goodnight Danse” Henry replied. I will heal my leg for me and for Henry.

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