Ruin and Rising

Epic, irresistible and beautifully written, THE GRISHA TRILOGY by New York
Times bestseller Leigh Bardugo is now firmly entrenched as a key series - and
fandom - in the YA and fantasy book scene, inspiring a devoted community of
readers, reviewers and incredible fan creativity. Now optioned for film by DREAMWORKS and David Heyman (the Harry Potter dream team)!

THE GRISHA TRILOGY is set in a beautifully realised other world that has echoes of Tsarist Russia and of darkest fairy-tale.

Ravka is a country literally torn apart by darkness—a wasteland known as the
Shadow Fold has severed it from its coastline, leaving it vulnerable to enemies
and choked off from contact with the outside world. Ravka's survival depends on an army of conscripted serfs and the Grisha, a mysterious and magical elite. We meet Alina; orphan and member of the First Army in service to the King; map-maker and best friend to her only ‘family’, Mal. Alina is nobody until she reveals a reveals a hidden power...

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