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4. Leaving

Chapter 4 || Leaving

3 years had passed and guess what? Some things have changed. You know what's the funny thing? After not liking him for a year (I guess?) I became an Enchancer (since last, last year). I know some people would hate me for this, but I don't care. At least I'm here for Greyson during his 'dark time'.

If I could only hug him and tell him that everything will gonna be alright. But I can't. I don't even live in Oklahoma.

How I became an Enchancer?


While I'm busy searching for a good music in Youtube, I saw Greyson's music video entitled 'Sunshine and City Lights'. I believe in the saying "Curiosity kills a cat." So yeah, I watched it because of curiosity.

Perfect, that's the first word that popped in my mind after listening to Sunshine and City Lights. I don't know but I was mesmerized by his voice. I can really say that he has an angelic voice.

After that I started stalking him. Everything about him. For every songs he sang, I can't help but be mesmerized on his angelic voice. And now I'm starting to realize how stupid I was for not liking him. I mean, this is the first time that I fell in love with someone's voice. The first time I've joined a fandom. I'm a great example of a stupid person who doesn't like him way back.

*end of the flash back*

That made me believe that the saying "There's a thick line between love and hate." is true. 

The guy I never liked before is now the guy that I love so much now.


Anyway, it's already 6:30 pm and we're now eating our dinner quietly.

"After this dinner, go to my work room. Me and your Mom will wait there for the both of you. We're going to announce something. We'll go ahead." My Mom and Dad both stood up and went upstairs.

I feel so nervous. I can't even enjoy these delicious food in front of us. I know, they have something to tell to us that's so important that we really have to go to his work room just to talk about it.

I looked at Ria and I can already tell that she feels the same way.

When she caught me looking at her, she gives me a reassuring smile. "We'll be okay so don't be so nervous."   

"I hope so. Let's go?"

We stood up and went in our Dad's work room. His work room's clean and neat. There are tons of papers in folders in his desk. And he has a big bookshelf full of books of course, it's all about business. His room looks simple but elegant.

Ria and I sat in the couch.

"Okay. So your Mom and I had already talked last month. We decided to live in US. Our business there is in danger so I need to fix it. And we decided that both of you will study there especially you, Ria, since you'll be handling our business soon as you graduate in college."

I looked at Ria and I saw sadness in her eyes. Being a daughter of one of the richest business men in your country isn't easy. You'll be really pressured if you're the eldest. You may have all the material things that you want, but there's some things that you can't buy —- your freedom and happiness. It's either you have to marry a son of a business man or you'll handle your Dad's business for the rest of your life.

I somewhat pity my sister. But one thing's for sure —- she'll handle it well. I know it all too well. I can see her ability in handling our business.

"We have to go there this week so pack your things up." My Dad announced.

Shit. Is he really serious? How can I even break it to my friends?

"What!? Why didn't you tell us earlier? How about my best friends?!" I became hysterical.

"Because we all know that you wouldn't agree with what we'll say. Knowing you, you'll do everything just to live in this place, in this country. I know it's hard to accept it. We feel the same way. But we're just going to live there until your sister graduates." I know Mom is having a hard time to explain it to us. But I hate what they did.

I know I'm a rebel. I always break rules. It's like I'm the black sheep in the family. But I'm yearning for freedom. But they also know that I love them and I will always stick to them.

"I'm sorry. But we've already decided. It's on you if you'll accept it or not. But even though you'll disagree, we're still going to live there. You'll get used to it. Trust us." I know, Dad. I know.

I know that when they finally decided, they won't change their mind no matter what happened. They're too manipulative.

I just ran away and went to my room. I cried until I got tired. I took a bath, it is one of my ways to make myself calm.

I just can't accept it. Fuck money. Fuck fame. Fuck business. Fuck it. Fuck everything.

They said that we already have everything. But they're wrong. They're fucking wrong. I have nothing. If they only know. If they only know how hard this situation is.

If I can only ran away and leave my family. But I love them too much that I'll go with them. And I hate it.

I realized something after taking a bath, that it won't calm myself because this, is too much. I slept with hatred in my heart. I really just can't accept the truth right now, that we're leaving for our own good. I just can't.

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