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3. Concert

Chapter 3 || Concert

"Hey, so what will y'all do when we go to his concert?" Athena, talking to Jessica and Kirsten.

"What if we secretly go to the backstage? " Kirsten, gave them an ''I'm-serious" look.

"You're crazy!" I shouted.

They just gave me a "You-don't-care-about-it-so-shut-up" look.

"Okay, I'll just shut up." I said, zipping my mouth. They continued talking about Greyson and ignored me.

It's now dismissal time, and they still ignore me. That's what friends are for, they're just talking all the way and I'm left hanging here.

"Oh, Kaylee, we'll just fetch you later, 2pm." Jessica, packing up her things.

"Wow! I didn't know that you still know that I exist." I said in full of sarcasm while hanging my mouth open.

"Well, we're sorry okay? It's just that all we talked about is Greyson Chance and you don't care about him so why should we talk to you if that's our only topic?" -Kirsten

They just gave me an apologetic look.

"Okay, okay. Apology accepted." I sighed.

"Yey!" They said in unison.

They also hugged me. Eew. As far as I know, I'm not a sweet type of person.

I pulled away. "But wait, you should buy me a chocolate drink before the concert starts." I cheerfully said.

"Yeah, fine. It's always your favorite." Athena rolled her eyes.

"You know me well." I winked at her.

We packed up our stuff and went outside the campus. Then, we bid our goodbyes.


"What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?" I'm searching for some clothes that I can wear on the concert.

I just don't really know what to wear in that concert. I've never been there before. This is my first time going there.

When I finally got tired, I plopped down on my bed.

In the end, I just decided to choose what I always wear, t-shirt and jeans.

While I was peacefully laying on my bed, someone knocked.

"Kaylee! Open the door." Ria, my annoying sister, shouted. She's 2 years older than me.

"It's already open!" I shouted back.

I opened the door.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Um, you're going to Greyson's concert right? Can you do me a favor?" She's holding her DSLR.

"What is it?" I leaned on the door.

"Can you take Greyson some pictures and videos for me?" She smiled sweetly.

"And why in the world would I do that?" I crossed my arms while raising my eyebrow.

"Um, because you're my only sister and I want to see his concert?" She pouted.

I smiled as an idea appeared on my mind.

"Aha! I have an idea! Why don't you just go with them? I'll just give you my ticket."

"Y'all know, I can really buy a ticket because we have money but the problem is our exam will be held tomorrow so I really need to study today. I don't want to disappoint our parents. Soon, I'll help them handle the company." She said sadly.

I sighed. I don't want her to be sad, I know that she's pressured about that and I feel sorry for her. But geez, why does everyone love Greyson?

"Okay. If that's what you want then I'll do it. Besides, it's my conscience if I don't took pictures and videos of him for you." I took her DSLR to her hand and put it in my bag.

"I gotta go now sis, bye!" I ran outside.

I checked my watch and it's exactly 2pm. Then, I saw their (Athena and Kirsten's) car. It stopped in front of me, I hurriedly opened the door and went inside.

Okayyy? I look different. What I meant is I'm the only one who looks so plain. I'm not gonna describe their outfits because I'm too lazy to tell it.

"Hey Kay! Here's your chocolate drink." She handed me an opened bottle.

"Why is it opened?" I asked, holding the bottle.

"Um, because we don't want you to be tired. So I just already opened it. He-he." She explained while looking into different direction.

But why is she looked so uneasy? Anyway, I just drank my chocolate drink.

After a few minutes, I felt tired and sleepy.

"Hey! Why do I feel so sleepy after drinking this?" I held my bottle and point it.

"What? Maybe you just slept late yesterday." Kirsten shrugged.

But I always sleep early. Well, maybe I'm just really sleepy. But I feel so strange to the bottle, I don't know but I think there's something in there but I can't explain it, ugh. I just closed my eyes and started to sleep.


I was awakened by some girls who were squealing. When I opened my eyes, I saw so many people outside. And — I saw these three crazy gals, smiling at me like idiots.

"So.... Why are y'all so weird?" I questioned.

"Nothing, you just look pretty, but I'm still prettier." Athena grinned.

"Why do I feel so strange?" I looked at my body, and then, I found the answer. I wore different clothes. I looked at them suspiciously.

[A/N: Kaylee's outfit: media]

"How did I wore this?" I pointed the clothes I've been wearing.

No one's answering. I crossed my arms and raised my left eyebrow. I glared at them so they might spill it up. But the bitches aren't even talking.

"Come on! Spill it! I'm waiting! Are we playing a staring game?" I'm losing my patience.

"W- we put a sleeping pill in your drink and then we went to J-Jessica's house and let her maid p-put the clothes we bought for you to you b-because we know that you don't like wearing girly st-uff." Kirsten stuttered.

"First of all, why don't you ask me first if I like it? Second, why do you have to put a sleeping pill in my drink? Don't you think it's bad for my health?—

"We asked the doctor first before putting it in the bottle!" Athena interrupted.

"Third, don't you think it's rude when I'm talking and you interrupted?" They all looked scared. Ha. They should really be.

"Forth, be thankful that I like this outfit because if I don't, I'll strangle all of you to death!" I smirked.

They became calm after what I've said.

"Gosh! You scared us! You looked furious a while ago. I thought this will be my last day in Earth." Kirsten screamed.

"You're overreacting." I rolled my eyes.

We went outside. And... Oh. My. Gosh. There are so many people here. Some are holding their banners some are taking a picture and some are talking with their friends, I think. But why are they screaming a while ago?

We went there and wait until we get inside the venue. I'll just hope I won't lose my patience waiting here in a crowded place.

Run into the light

Get out of your own way

Not afraid to fight

Believe in what you say

I'll hold on till the night

Hanging by a thread

I'm not scared to let go

Thoughts inside your head

That creep up to get you

I believe this is right

So I'll hold on til the night

Everyone stayed quiet, you won't hear any voice except for Greyson Chance. To be honest, his voice has something that every singer doesn't have. His voice in personal is greater than in internet.

After he sang, everyone clapped their hands. The next song he'll sing is 'Purple Sky'. How did I know it? Duh. I heard him saying, "The next song I'll sing is Purple Sky."

Purple skies and violet rainbows

And all the angels passing by

With their words they try to break you

But they can't shake you with all their lies

He went down on stage and went on our place?!

Another day we will survive

Another day is worth the fight

Today we will rise


He went closer... and closer... What the f? He held my hand! I'm freaking out! Not because I like him but it's embarrassing! What to do? What to do?

We will walk the rainbows and take over the sky

Don't let them change you

No 'cause you are beautiful just like the purple sky

What to do?

a.) Slap his hand.

b.) Stomp his foot and run away.

c.) Scream, "Why are you holding my hand?" and punch his face.

d.) Act like I'm one of his fans.

What should I choose? A? B? C? or D?

Of course I would choose D! I don't want to be a dead meat! I don't want to embarrass myself more in front of many people here. And last but not the least, I don't want to be in the news, "A girl attacked Greyson because he held her hand. Many of Enchancers want her dead. They're already searching for her. Is she really a fan? Or a hater in disguise?" So I should act nice to him, just for this day!

I just let him hold my hand. His hands are so soft. Wait— did I just say that? Erase, erase, erase. What am I even thinking?

"Nice one Kaylee!" They shouted— Athena, Kirsten and Athena. I just rolled my eyes.

We went on the stage. I looked at him and I saw him staring at me. His fans are getting wild. I just flashed a fake smile. When the song ended, I went down and went to my seat.

I felt like a fool going down on stage.


The concert has ended and these three can't still move on from what happened.

"OhMyGee! You're the luckiest, Kaylee! Really." Kirsten told me.

"It's nothing special. Duh." I replied.

"What?!?!" They said in unison. Their eyes widened. Geez. Why are they always shouting?

"Can you hear yourself Kaylee? What are you talking about? Greyson just freaking held your hand and went on stage with you! Isn't it the sweetest thing a singer can do?" Jessica hysterically said.

"Geez. Calm down. It's not like he kissed me in front of many people. Besides, have y'all forget that I'm not one of his fan?" I rolled my eyes.

We went home but they can't seem to forget what happened. Well, I can't deny the fact that I can't easily forget what happened earlier. I can't also stop thinking about him. When he held my hand, I felt like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. Geez, what's happening to me? I need to forget what just happened!

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