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2. Botique

Chapter 2 || The Crazy Plan

One week had passed. It's already Thursday and tomorrow is Greyson's concert. We're in the classroom and they started talking about Greyson, again. Blah blah blah. They're too annoying.

"Guys! Calm down. He's just a person like us." I said in a bored tone.

"You just don't know him. He's so perfect, you know?" -Athena

Kirsten and Jessica nodded. Okayyy? Now, they're overreacting.

"I know him. He's so handsome and talented. I really want to meet him." I imitated Athena's voice.

"You're just blind that you can't see his perfection." -Jessica

"You're being cheesy. Geez.." I just rolled my eyes.

"You really don't know what you're saying! Be careful what you'll say next time, you might regret saying it." Kirsten looked at me seriously.

"As if it would ever happen!" I stuck my tongue out.

We kept silent for a minute while staring at each other and we laughed for no reason. Yeah, best friends, alright.

Our Math teacher came and with that, we kept quiet. Mr. Roberts is so strict. He wants everyone to listen to his lessons. Once he caught you talking or doing something that's not related to Math, he will immediately give you a detention slip.


Lunch break. We're eating here in the cafeteria. There are many eateries here in the campus.

While we're eating, Athena asked, "Tomorrow is the concert right? Let's go to our boutique later! There are new clothes there. Game?"

Athena, Kirsten and their family own many branches of boutique in different cities. Their mom is a great fashion designer! Well, they help their mom in designing clothes sometimes. Their parents are planning to build a boutique in other country but I'm not sure about it though.

"Game!" -Jessica

"Pass. I'll study for the final exam." -Me

"The usual nerdy Kaylee. Are you sure?" Kirsten sighed.

"Yep." I said while reading a pocketbook.

"Final answer?" Athena asked while smirking at me.

"Yep. Do I really need to say it twice?" I rolled my eyes.

They smirked at me. An evil smirk. Geez, they're creeping me out.

"Okay, fine. Jessica, we'll go to your house later. 5pm." Athena said, giving a meaningful look to Jessica.

They smirked a while ago, then now, Athena gave Jessica a meaningful look! Oh no, I think they have an evil plan. No, no, no. I hope they won't do anything crazy. If they did, then I should prepare myself for that.

Athena's POV

We're here in our car and we're going to Jessica's house. When we arrived there, Jessica was standing outside their gate. Our driver opened the door to let her sit inside our car.

"Yippie! I'm so excited to choose our outfit for tomorrow! Especially choosing Kaylee's outfit." Jessica said in excitement.

"Yeah! Me too!" -Kirsten, clapping her hands.

"I'm so excited to know what's Kaylee's reaction tomorrow." I laughed like a witch laughing at her evil plan. We're really crazy, I won't deny it.

We're now here at our boutique, choosing our clothes. I chose white loose top, black pencil skirt and high heels while Kirsten picked lace crop top, blue skater skirt and rubber shoes then Athena took crop top, skirt and blue stiletto heels. (look at the top —> their outfit —>)

Although we'll wear heels and skirts -girly stuffs, it's okay with us. We're used to it! Well... Kaylee is also used to it. But she only wears a girly outfit when she needs it or when she feels like wearing it.

"Girls! We're almost done, we just need to pick an outfit for Kaylee tomorrow!" -Jessica

"And we also need to plan on how to make her wear it!" I said in a high pitched tone.

They nodded.

We strolled around the boutique and we saw an outfit that will surely suit her petite body. It's a loose shirt with denim shorts. We also saw a pair of shoes that suits to her shirt and shorts that she'll wear. We picked it up and we didn't even pay for what we took because as I've said, the boutique is ours and we don't need to pay for our clothes.

When we went outside the boutique, we talked about our plan.

"I want an action." I said dreamily.

You heard it right. I want an action! I have a girly attitude but I really want an action!

"I think I know what you're thinking." -Kirsten

"Me too." -Jessica

They whispered something to me.

"Correct!" I happily said while clapping.

"I think it's a great idea!" Kirsten smirked.

"I agree. And I think Kaylee won't wear that outfit when we ask her to wear it so.... We'll start doing it 4 hours before the concert okay? Knowing Kaylee, it will take so many hours to accomplish our misson." -Jessica

"You're freaking right!" -Me

And we went to our car and started talking about our evil I mean crazy plan.

I know that wearing our outfit in a concert is just so girly but who cares? We're just being us. I also know that Kaylee will kill us after we did our plan, but it's for fun! We like dressing her up just like a doll! Kidding!

Well. Let the plan begins!

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