Good Girls

Bridget, a sixteen year old girl that has always had he nose stuck in a book or her feet on the road. She's not normal though, not by any means. Her brother, Niall Horan, is one of the 5 members in One Direction. Although he tours all over the world, he has never taken his sister to a concert or anything. That's about to change when he decides to take her on the tour in America. But will touring change Bridget's view on how life should be lived? Will good girl turn bad girl when she meets her fate to fall in love?


1. Her Suprise

Niall's P.O.V.

"I can't believe you have never brought your only sister to one of our concerts. You must know that a teenage girl would love to go to a concert" Liam said.

"Yeah but that's the problem. I know what sort of bloody cute hoor would try to steal her and do, you know what, with her" I replied.

Liam rolled his eyes at my "nonsense" and said "Yes, but it is OUR concert, which consists of mostly girls and you know that none of us would fall in love with your sister, that would be mad. Besides she knows us strapping lads too well to want, well us."

"Why do you always have to be so logical Liam?" I said exhausted. Okay Okay, whether I like it or not, I am excited to surprise her.

"Lord, I hope she isn't disappointed that it is our concert and not some other cool kid band" I expressed out loud.

"She'll love it" Liam assured me.

"Yeah mate" I heard the boys chime in and then looked at the computer screen to Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke.

Michael said "C'mon mate, you should bring especially since we have never met her and you never talk about her."

"What wouldn't want to go on tour with us? It's even in America you know freedom and all that jazz" Calum said.

I looked blankly at the computer screen "You don't know my sister though" I said to him, or tem, which ever ones was listening at the moment.

"That's exactly why you need to bring her so we can meet her" Calum said.

"Yeah yeah yeah, oh alright. I guess that you all have convinced me."

"Yes!" I heard the speakers say and the boys yelling in the room.

Ah I know she will be happy. I just hope she is able to live a little, I thought.

"I'm tired lads. Night" I said to the computer screen with four faces on it.

"Whatever you lazy ass" Ashton said. I laughed at the face he made and shut the computer off.

I got my phone out and pulled up my mom's cell.

"Hey mom."

"Hello Niall, have you decided on taking her or not?"

I sighed "I think she should go. She wants to see the States and what not."

"You made her love the States as much as you do. She looks up to you a lot. I have her passport here when you decide to come and visit us. Which you should do soon."

"What did dad say about her going?"

"That he didn't mind as long as you would take care of her, which I don't think you will have a problem doing" she laughed at her sense of humor.

"I'll buy her ticket in the morning. Night mom, love you."

"Night babe, I love you too." I touched the end call button and told the boys I was going to bed. They were staying here tonight because it was my turn to house them. We all took turns on our breaks that we had. during the day we would go out without each other and do whatever we wanted but when we all wanted a bed to sleep in we chose to stay with each other. We were too close now that it didn't really matter why we did it that way. We just did.

My phone vibrated once, then twice, I took it out of my back pocket and looked at the screen. Calum and Bridget had texted me, I opened Calum's message first it read:

We are really excited to tour with you all in America! We really can't thank you enough for letting us tour the globe with you all. Oh and we are also excited to meet your sister that you never told us anything about.

I replied:

We love you mates being on tour with us, it makes it even more hilarious than with the regular mates. My sister, well you will see what she is like soon. See you in about a week. Night!

I opened up my sister's message after it sent. It read:

Goodnight Niall, please come visit me while you are off. I miss my big brother. Love you more than you love America.

I smiled at my sister's endearment. We always ended our messages with little things we loved each other more than. I replied to her:

        I'll be there soon Bridge. Goodnight love you more than you love to run and read.

I put my phone on the charger and set it on the bed beside me. I felt extremely guilty that I hadn't been able to see her in forever. I missed her too, whether I wanted to admit it or not. I knew though, that soon she would be happy that she was going on tour with us. Well, I hoped anyway. I cleared it with the managers and the like. They said it was okay since she rarely even caused much attention to herself. Mom and Dad said it was okay. What was there to worry about?

I let my body relax and my eyes close and drifted off into a sea of much needed sleep.


I woke up to Louis blasting You Found Me by The Fray. He was singing too. Loud.

"God Louis, shut the bloody hell up" I yelled to him. He walked into my room singing as loud as he could I think.

He sighed deeply with pleasure and said "This is the life mate" after he paused for a few seconds to listen to a part in the song he said "You need to order your sister's plane ticket."

"I know it. But I'm dead tired so." I lay my head in the pillow and heard Louis walk out. I lifted my head to see that he was gone and then lay it back down on my left side where I couldn't see the door or the light shining through it.

I was half awake, and half asleep when I felt someone jump on my bed and shake it violently. I spun from my belly to my back and saw Louis tilt over to the right and fall, landing with a giant thud. I started laughing so hard the bed shook more than when Louis was jumping on it.

"Bloody hell mate, did you have to make me fall and bust my ass?"

I laughed harder in response to his question. Harry, Liam and Zayn rushed in to find Louis on the floor rubbing his rump. We all joined in at laughing at him. Harry was the first one to offer to help him up. He held out his hand and as soon as he was on his feet, he tackled me off the bed.

"Get off me fat arse" I yelled to Louis. He was sitting on my legs with his torso on my butt and back. He replied laughing just as I had done to him.

"You shouldn't have thrown me off the bed mate, I was quite enjoying myself."

I rolled out from under him and jumped to my feet as he stood up beside me.

"Good, glad you're up" Louis threw a smile at me "Harry cooked the most delicious,  and delightful breakfast, you should join us." He walked out of my room looking like he had just won a football game. The rest of the guys followed him, tripping over each other to see who could get to the table first. They pushed me as I sped past them, testing just how fast they could run. Liam seemed to accomplish that goal and ran past me just as quick as I passed him.

The plates were already set with stacks of pancakes. Liam was already at the table eating his stack when I got to the table. I dug in to Harry's always warm and fluffy golden circles of goodness. The guys came in right behind me, Liam was on my right and then it was Zayn, Harry and Louis on my left.

"Lads, I want to make a toast" I raised up my glass of milk up and said "to Louis, that he can hit harder than I thought his scrawny arse could."

Louis elbowed me, smiled and raised his glass up to mine "to me scrawny but brawny arse."


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