Good Girls

Bridget, a sixteen year old girl that has always had he nose stuck in a book or her feet on the road. She's not normal though, not by any means. Her brother, Niall Horan, is one of the 5 members in One Direction. Although he tours all over the world, he has never taken his sister to a concert or anything. That's about to change when he decides to take her on the tour in America. But will touring change Bridget's view on how life should be lived? Will good girl turn bad girl when she meets her fate to fall in love?


4. Broken Plane

Well, kind of to me, he was still looking at me but Niall was talking to him about me.

"This is my sister, Bridget" Niall said. "Bridge, this is Luke."

"Hi" we both said simultaneously. He grinned lopsidedly and I gave him a small smile.

"Have you heard any of our songs?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah, Heartbreak Girl is my favorite." I said tearing my eyes away from blue eyed wonder boy to settle on Ashton's soft brown ones.

"That is a good song" Calum chimed in. I nodded.

"Did you write it?" I asked Calum.

"Luke, Lindy, Steve and I. But me and Luke are the only ones in the band that wrote it."

"Well, thank you for writing that song, since it is my favorite" I said and glanced back at Luke.

"You're welcome." Calum said smiling.

"Time to load up" Harry said behind me. I jumped back and into him.

"Whoa, sorry! You totally scared me."

"It's okay, I didn't mean to scare you. But anyway" he looked up at the rest of them "it's time to go." Gosh, that was weird. Harry had never looked at me like that. Probably a, don't-fall-in-love-with-Luke, kind of look. That's what I was getting out of it anyway.


The body guard guys had already loaded our luggage and stuff so it was like, just get in the plane. I followed Niall up the stairs and in to the huge plane. We were sitting first class in the British Airways plane. The seats were tan leather and reclined all the way back, because there was enough room to do that. I had always ridden in the back, like when I went to Greenland. The seats on that plane was jampacked into the back. We were like sardines. I was sitting next to a women and a man that were from there, I guess, and had taken a vacation in Ireland. They were nice, so I was totally lucky that they didn't smell or make out in front of me.

This plane was nice though. All the guys and I were the only ones in first class, so we got to spread out and relax, which was way cool. Niall and Liam got drinks, you know, the kind with alcohol. And you know I felt totally awkward because I was totally underage, but Luke was too, so I wasn't the only one. That made me feel a little better.

"It's like the first thing they do when they get on a plane" Calum said, looking at my expression.

"Yeah, well I'm used to seeing Niall drink. He came home drunk a few times and I had to cover for him. I just thought that Liam was smarter than that, cause you know, he acts so mature" I replied.

"He is, even with alcohol. No worries. Want some water or something?" he asked politely.

"I'll get a bottle, thank you though." I pulled out Clockwork Angel and turned away from him a little uncomfortable. He didn't sit beside me, he walked back over to Michael and talked to him for a while. I peeked over at Luke, he was laying back in the seat listening to music. I wonder what he likes?

I focused back on my book, I've read it a million times, but it was just one of my favorites. Twenty pages into reading my eyes started to droop, my fingers slipped from the pages, and I drifted off to sleep.

The voice of my brother woke me up.

"She really does like to read. Probably more than any teenager I know" he breathed in a little as if laughing "she even admits she's a nerd." Luke was listening to him descretely, his eyes darted to my book that had fallen on the floor. I quickly closed my eyes in fear of him looking at me next.

"She looks fit though, I mean if she reads all the time, how does she end up looking like that?" I heard Michael say. Apparently, they were asking about me. Is that a good thing?

"Don't even get me started on how much she runs. Reading and running are her two biggest hobbies. Which I find completely dodder. It doesn't make sense. She probably has never had a boy..." his voice trailed off. Oh My God, did mom tell him? She didn't. No way.

"Sorry, she did have one but he wasn't a good one. I don't think it would be right to share. I didn't even know about it until today, when mom told me." She did. I am going to kill her. He didn't need to know about that. Tears flowed down my cheekbones and onto my neck.

He quietly sighed and said "Her ex boyfriend sexually assaulted her. She put the guy in the hospital. I didn't know my sister could hurt a horse fly, let alone put somebody in the hospital. And the bastard that assaulted her, I wish I could have been there to kill him. Mom said that Bridge had never told her all of what he had done.." his voice trailed off again.

I could hear all the guys gasp and then become completely silent. I heard footsteps coming toward me and I opened my eyes. It was Niall, he had seen my very wet tearstained face.

"Bridge, I can't believe you were awake. I'm so sorry" his voice and face were distraught. I stood up from the reclined seat and ran to the small bathroom. I turned to shut the door and saw Niall running to the door. He wasn't as fast as I was, I shut the door in his face and collapsed to on the toilet seat.



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