Good Girls

Bridget, a sixteen year old girl that has always had he nose stuck in a book or her feet on the road. She's not normal though, not by any means. Her brother, Niall Horan, is one of the 5 members in One Direction. Although he tours all over the world, he has never taken his sister to a concert or anything. That's about to change when he decides to take her on the tour in America. But will touring change Bridget's view on how life should be lived? Will good girl turn bad girl when she meets her fate to fall in love?


10. A/N

Hey guys! I'm super excited that this is my first movella. I hope you all like it. Don't be afraid to comment because I love reading your guys' opinions. Or if you have questions I will try to answer them with out giving anything away. I'm trying to update as much as I can anddd I know you thought that this chapter was gonna be about Mark and Bridge. Sorry If you're disappointed it wasn't. I will give you details about what happens with them soon. Love you guys! happy reading :)

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