It sucks being in love with someone you can't be in love with.
Amelia Meyer starts her first year of college with her two best friends.
Then she meets Mr Maguire blonde haired English Professor.
But what Mia doesn't know is Mr Maguire has many secrets from his New Yorker days.


2. Chapter Two

Sitting down at a table, I wait for Charlie or Jemma to arrive. I open my book The life of Pi flipping to chapter seventeen. Classes were alright  but the class I’ve been waiting for is Creative English which I have in fifteen minutes.

“Put the book down” I look up and smile at Charlie and Jemma.

“Hey” I smile at both of them.

“Have you seen Jett today?”Jemma asks.

I nod, duh he sleeps down the hall from me .

“Is he still dating Sierra?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“They broke up”
“cool” she replies smirking to herself.

I’m best friends with Jemma but I would not want her dating Jett,I know for a fact Jett will not deny sex from any breathing creature.

“What class do you guys have next?” Charlie asks, slightly fixing her hair.

“Home economics with you” Jemma smiles at Charlie.

“I have Creative English”

“Of Course, anyway lets have dinner tonight together” Jemmas says.

“Sure, text me I got to go” I have no idea where my class is.

Running down the hall way, I run towards the  classroom.  I'm going to be late.

I open the door sitting on the first seat I see at the front of the classroom. I breath out when I realise I’m not late, people are still walking in.

“Good afternoon” A young man walks in holding a brown briefcase he stands at the front of the room.

I guess he’s the professor.

“Uh Hi, my name is Edward but you guys have to call me Mr Maguire, as you can tell from my accent I am from  New York, I just moved here this month and this is my first year teaching college students, I was a highschool teacher for one year and then decided to teach older students”

He has blonde hair, brown eyes and glasses but he is quite attractive.

I feel tempted to text Jem telling her about Mr Maguire.

“Neve Fitzgerald”  Mr Maguire calls out

“Here” The girl behind me respond.

“Joshua Rutherford”


I look down onto my new notebook it’s clean. I begin to read the back of The Life Of Pi

“Amelia Meyer”

I read the last sentence of the chapter.

“Amelia Meyer”


“Here sorry” I raise my hand putting my book down.

He smiles at me and looks back down to the computer screen.

I read the posters on the wall.

“Amelia is it?” I look up and see Mr Maguire standing in front of my desk.


“Good got your name memorised, are you named after the novelist Amelia Opie”

“No, I was named after Princess Amelia of the United Kingdom” He smiles.

“ Ok Princess Amelia” Princess Amelia?

“Mr Maguire, please call me Mia”

“Sure Princess” he smiles and goes of to talk to other students.

“Hi I’m Josh” The boy next to me puts his hand out.

“Mia” I shake his hand.

“Are you a freshman?” He asks.

“Yeah, you?”

“Yeah I’m a freshman I’m a Kappa Sigma” he smiles.

“Thats cool, I live off campus”

Mr Maguire passes this semesters agenda, I frown looking at the first novel we’re studying, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.  I hated the movie in ninth grade.

After the introduction, I stand up pushing my chair in, I think I will love creative english.

My next class is Anthropology across campus which starts in thirty minutes.

I say good bye to Mr Maguire and walk out the door. He’s attractive. Wrong thoughts pop into my head.

“Mia” I hear someone shouting. I turn around and see Josh running up towards me.

“Hi” I smile.

“Hey, whats your next class?”  He asks. We continue walking.

“Anthropology” I reply.

“Same” He says.

We step out of the building and make our way towards the E building.

“Did you go to a high school in Georgia?”

“No, I’m from Vancouver Seattle”

“Thats pretty far away” I look at my watch, we still have twenty minutes and we already know where the lecture room is.

“Yeah, I wanted freedom from my parents and  it’s time so I chose GSU” He opens the door for me.

I smile “Same, but my house is a ten minute drive from here”

“Sucks, why didn’t you choose to go to a school far away”

“Well, I got a scholarship here from this writing competition in junior year, it was a three year scholarship, so my College fund paid for my road trip and my sponsored daughter in India”

“Wow, maybe I’ll try sponsoring a child do you want to get a coffee”


I smile at my new friend.


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