It sucks being in love with someone you can't be in love with.
Amelia Meyer starts her first year of college with her two best friends.
Then she meets Mr Maguire blonde haired English Professor.
But what Mia doesn't know is Mr Maguire has many secrets from his New Yorker days.


1. Chapter One

 “Stop being melodramatic, you look fine Charlie” I roll my eyes at my best friend as she complains about what she’s wearing.

“No, No It’s the first day of freshman year in college and I have to look good” Furrowing my eyebrows I walk over towards my bookshelf picking up a book I haven’t read yet.

“No, you are not bringing a book on the first day you will look nerdy and embarrass yourself, be noticeable so a cute college guy will become your boyfriend and we can create memories college memories with  college guys”

“I’m good with a fictional novel, also it’s college, it isn’t high school anymore”

The hair brush drops from her hand creating a thud as it drops on my wooden bedroom floor.

“Amelia Victoria  Meyer, Lord help her soul as she goes through a dramatic change on becoming a mutant” She drops on her knees making the situation a bit more dramatic.

I roll my eyes closing my handbag.

“Are you ready?”

“No” She puts an extra coat of mascara “Yes now”

Inside I’m screaming that it’s the first day of college , excited for the classes I’m going to be taking like creative writing. I can’t wait to be in Mr Maguire’s class listening to poems by shakespeare or studying the works of Hemingway. I set one goal for myself during my college years and that was to get a book published.

Charlie and I sit at the back of my brothers car opening the windows to remove the disgusting smell out of the back seat.

“What does Jett keep in here?” She puts her face out the window.

“How will I know? he spent the whole summer at his Fathers house in Tulsa”

Jett jumps in the car, turning the radio on.

“Morning guys, whos excited for school?” Jett says in a sarcastic voice.  

“I am” Charlie replies, with a big grin captivating her face.

“That’s good, guess what I am? official from today”

“A senior in college ” I reply looking at the houses that we pass.

“Correct Mia, the fellow ugly duckling who lives in my house” I swat him in the arm.

“Hey! driving here” He yells sounding like my dad after a basketball game.

I look down onto Charlie's lap seeing who’s she’s texting, Jemma.

Charlie begins to smile, while clapping her hands. She throws her phone on the floor causing Jett to jump in his seat.

“What is wrong with her?”Jett asks looking towards us through his rear view mirror.

I look over at charlie expecting her to answer Jett’s question, her hands covering her face.

“What's wrong, breathe” I pat Charlie’s back.

She removes her hands away from her face and smiles.

“Okay Jemma’s already there and there's a lot of attractive college guys”

“Wow” I reply shaking my head.

She picks up her phone, brushing of the dust that attached to it.

“You could be more sympathetic Mia, Charlies your only friend” Jett says.

“Yes see, your brother’s nice but what happened you?” Charlie decides to gang up on me like a highschool student .

“He’s my step brother, his mother married my father”

“Obviously I know don’t need to explain this to me, but you could take lessons on being nice from Jett”

Wow they should just get married, it’s like their lifestyle ganging up on me since Jett legally became my brother eight years ago.

Jett parks in the senior parking area. I step out, seeing new people and familiar faces.

I’m a college student.

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