Battle: Los Angeles - Uprising


1. Chapter 1: Provence, France, 1999

In Provence, France, 1999, a group of French military soldiers had come across a droughted pool at a best western hotel as well as a sole survivor of a mysterious attack named Kristen who was a tourist from Philadelphia, PA. The leader of the French military group was Capt. Lauren Rego. "What the hell happened here?" Rego said to Kristen. "It started instantly out of nowhere. Robotic aliens arrived by storm, drained and droughted the swimming pool here, and killed everyone else in the process. Fortunately I'm the sole survivor of this attack" replied Kristen. "Look, if your friends are alive and out there still, we will find and reunite them with you" Nathaniel promised Kristen. The girl's friends were also from Philly...Mariah, aka Marie, Lisa, and Michelle. "Of course, even once we do so, you and your friends are not to repeat to the public of what happened here? Understand?" "Yes sir" vowed Kristen.

As the military of France went with Kristen to find and rescue her three girlfriends, Rego saw someone in the distance. He and others set off to investigate yet it wasn't aliens but Marie, Lisa, and Michelle who were hiding from the threat. Kristen raced to them and thru were appeased to be reunited. "Like Kristen here, you must promise us something...leave what you all have witnessed out of the eye of the worldwide public". The other three girls agreed. A global coverup was about to begin in the summer of 1999.

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